The Silver Garden

Named after the Run & Raisin’ 2014 venue, these floral-inspired pieces part of the Silver Garden range.

Simple and elegant, these bracelets and necklaces will only be available at the Run & Raisin’ Carnival on 5 July 2014. Other colours will also be available at the Run & Raisin’ Carnival 2014.

10% of proceeds from our booth at the Run & Raisin’ will go to the TOUCH Young Arrows initiative in benefit of needy children.

Pricelist for the Silver Garden Range

Earrings – 1 pair SGD8.00 (Online retail price USD8.00)

Bracelets – SGD10.00 each

Necklaces – SGD10.00 each

Silver Garden Silver Garden Bracelets

the Silver Garden necklace in Cyan the Silver Garden Necklace range


Currently the Silver Garden earrings are available at USD8.00 on the shop for a limited time 🙂

This is mainly for those who wish to contribute to the TOUCH Young Arrows cause but are unable to come down for the event. As always, all local orders enjoy free shipping, and purchase of two or more items qualify for a free upgrade to trackable, registered mail.

the Silver Garden Earrings in Cyan


The 2014 Run & Raisin’ Carnival

It’s JUNE already, I can’t believe it. Time really does fly when one is busy.

I am proud to unveil my first flea market endeavor – the Run & Raisin’ 2014 Family Carnival, 5 July 2014 at Gardens by the Bay.

This is a community run that is organised by TOUCH Young Arrows to benefit needy children. I am not the sporty type, especially since my surgeries, but I am the ‘crafty’ sort so though I cannot run, I can CRAFT 😛

I have partnered a childhood friend who will be selling pre-loved items, whilst I will be taking my humble little shop on the road for the very first time 🙂

This past week, I have been busy making as many items as I can for this sale and I am getting all excited. Some of these items are going to be for this event only such as the Silver Garden – a delicate, garden themed range named after the carnival venue 🙂

hesedetang * handmade

The Silver Garden range will come in an assortment of colours, featuring swarovski elements, Czech and electroplated glass 🙂

Click on the poster below to find out more from the organisor’s website :


In the meantime, I also managed (somehow!) to create some new listings XD

hesedetang * handmadehesedetang * handmade

hesedetang * handmadehesedetang * handmade

hesedetang * handmadehesedetang * handmade

hesedetang * handmadedevereaux by hesedetang *