My Up-cycling Addiction

Up-cycle; verb. Definition: to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

As some of you might know, a number of my creations feature the use of up-cycled materials. I typically take apart old and un-used jewelry items and upcycle these parts into fresh new designs. In some cases I do take apart used jewelry items, but I also make sure they are sanitised and cleaned in alcohol before utilising them in any design.

Here are some of my own creations that feature up-cycled materials ^__^

hesedetang * handmade the jadeflower by hesedetang *

hesedetang * handmade hesedetang * handmade

hesedetang * handmade hesedetang * handmade

I love this process as it gives new life to something that has been unloved for awhile. I cannot go past an end-season sale without looking for bargain pieces with unique features that I can take apart and up-cycle for my own designs 😛

It is really fun and addictive. I love making truly unique pieces this way.

Recently I have even managed to “convert” my mom. She loves to accessorize, and has also begun taking apart and cleaning her old jewelry items to send to me now 😛 😛

I never expected this addiction of mine to go further than jewelry pieces..

As I embarked on preparations for the up and coming Run & Raisin’ Carnival, I was not very impressed with the range of store-bought displays available for sale in shops. They were all either way too expensive or really ugly and not very cheap. I was very tempted to just make do with some ugly plastic ones from my wholesale supplier or just do without.

As I have no idea how big or small the table will be, and if all goes well and my partner does come onboard with her pre-loved clothes, she’d need more space to showcase her items.

Thus I realised that I needed displays that would allow me to be as flexible as possible to make use of any amount of space. I also wanted the displays to be re-useable so that I can take them with me to more flea stalls in future.

In the end, I decided to MAKE my own 😀

I found, after going to a few places, a simple metal wine rack. I paired it with a pair of paint roller refills from Daiso so that they could hold bracelets ^__^

paint roller refill 2014-06-20-09-56-00_deco

Then because there was a bit of a gap between the wine rack and the paint roller refills, I decided to wire up the whole thing with glass beads that I couldn’t find any use for 😛 These crackle beads came 4-5 shades darker than I had seen them on the supplier’s website. I seldom work with orange shades so I had a hard time finding a good design to feature them XD So I was really happy to be able to use them for this.

After the initial wiring, I went over it again with brown paper twine (photo on the right). This is to make the entire thing look more presentable, and also to prevent the wiring from catching on any of the products that would be displayed on the rack subsequently.

wiring process 1 Wiring Process 2

As a final touch, I wrapped the paint roller refills in sturdy, Korean fabric that I had bought years ago at an Etsy sale.

Voila! A very unique bracelet holder!

Handwired Bracelet HolderHandmade Bracelet Holder

I might add more details to it in the days to come, but I am already pretty satisfied with my new bracelet holder XD It was really fun to make too!

Since this attempt, I have gone on to upcycle more and more items for use in my flea stall display 😛 It is truly an addiction.. but what a fruitful one 😀 😀

Thanks for reading!



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