Zentangles – Diva Challenge #182 Stripes

I had a lot of fun at the flea on Saturday, meeting people and talking about my creations. Despite the gloomy weather, the crowd was fantastic. We had human traffic even past 11pm! I was amazed and awed.

The venue was huge (multiple spots within an entire downtown precinct in our island-state) and Festival Village (where we were) was adjacent a chill-out area that was so pretty and sparkly that it was truly a pity I had to stay at my booth all night 🙂

In all it ended really late on Saturday night and I only got to bed at 4am.

I was all talked out and my calves were tender from standing the entire time. All I wanted to do was sleep in on Sunday and hibernate till Monday (or until the meows demanded their next meal which is actually more likely to happen haha). Unfortunately we have some really enthusiastic neighbours in this apartment block who often wake me up with their erm, home improvement projects, this time, at 7am on a Sunday morning 😦

I tried to drown out the noise with a pillow over my head but it didn’t work. I reluctantly got up, fed the meows and went to the wet market and got groceries to make brunch. Since then, I have been trying to overcome my sleep debt. (Note the emphasis on ‘trying’.)

Despite feeling like a slightly more articulate zombie, I have been working non-stop to restock my little shop. Some items had sold out and needed urgent replenishing, whilst others required inventory orders to be put in with my supplier.

In all, I somehow managed to make 3 necklaces, 10 key rings and 21 pairs of earrings just yesterday. I was so engrossed.. and half awake.. that I hadn’t even realised that I had cut myself twice and was bleeding from my pliers @_@ Eeek.

As a sort-of treat, today I decided I would just take it easy and do a scheduled post run later this afternoon. Downtime is probably necessary, before I do more harm to myself XD

I very gladly took to this week’s challenge last night. It was a simple theme: “Stripes”, and one that my tired brain could happily wrap itself around without too much exertion 😛

I decided to use another old book page. I felt that the lines upon lines of words went very well with the “Stripes” theme and it seemed to make a lot of sense. My string had a total of 8 stripes – 4 diagonal stripes on the lower half, and another 4 intersecting stripes on the top.

(Clicking on the images below will take you to Flickr.)

Diva Challenge Wk 182 Stripes

I hadn’t anticipated how busy the tile would look in the end because the Diva’s tile was so serene. And I must have made some of the stripe-sections too fat, because they don’t look like stripes anymore 😛

I like this second photograph better because it looks (I think) a little closer to what I had in mind, in black and white 🙂

Diva Challenge Wk 182 Stripes


P.S. It seems I make a pretty efficient zombie – I have also somehow managed to update Flickr and Facebook even whilst running on insufficient sleep. This is my Flickr album for all things Zentangle and this is my shop’s Facebook page where I post updates every week.

P.P.S. I need to remember to create a new discount code for September soon – note to self.

Ta, for now!

Beach Holiday

At each flea market I have attended, I enjoy not just the main experience of engaging with people, but also observing what catches the attention of most of the visitors at my stall 🙂 This helps me hone my creations to ensure they stay wearable. Colours, themes and styles are always on my mind when I am creating my pieces, and this observation process is very important, precious even, to me.

I have often noticed there was a lot of attention paid to my beachy, seaside themed items. Perhaps it is simply because we Singaporeans are all so highly strung we dream of holidays whether we are conscious of it or not 😛 😛

This inspired my resort style latest creation that features a natural Agate sliced druzy pendant, a freshwater pearl and a chunky strand of silver plated glass suncatchers.

Agate Sliced Druzy Necklace

I hadn’t even had the chance to name it – I only finished it a day or two before the flea on Saturday 😛 I usually take some time to photograph and ponder over the names for each one of a kind piece, but I didn’t have time 😛 On a whim, I took it with me to the flea, if only just to see if it would garner any positive attention.

To my amazement, it was my second sale of the day! A nice middle-aged lady was walking by my stall when she turned suddenly and grabbed it. She then started asking a whole host of questions and I knew she was smitten right away 🙂

I was so elated that it had found favour so quickly, but I didn’t get the chance to observe if it would take the fancy of other people 😛 (Thankfully I had already photographed it!! Hahahaha..)

Agate Sliced Druzy Necklace Agate Sliced Druzy NecklaceAgate Sliced Druzy Necklace

P.S. These pendants are one of a kind in shape and size, but all are large and too chunky for earrings. Each piece has different variations of the same colour – cyan. They are available for bespoke necklaces, with a turnaround time of 1 week to 10 days from payment date, as a lot of wiring work goes into each piece. I just thought I’d share this piece here, and also as a brief update for the little shop. For those who prefer not to place a custom order, there will be a few such necklaces on the online shops soon – I do need to make more and it will take me some time because each glass bead needs to be painstakingly handwired 🙂 Thank you for your patience!


Zentangles – Diva Challenge #181 Water

This Saturday, I have an upcoming flea booth to host, so I have been quite busy. It is funny though, that when I am busy, I find myself tangling on the fly, whenever I find a spare moment or two. Thus, I managed to get through quite a few past challenges this week including this week’s “Water”.

I might be slow on the uptake, but I realise that I have been merging all my interests lately 😛

I upcycle not just old jewelry items, but book pages and old papers now too. I use these regularly as swap items, as is, or I make notecards, ATCs and bookmarks out of them, also for the occasional swap (it is tough to swap when you’d love to keep them all especially the tangled ones :P).

It feels very different when I tangle on an old book page, the paper is a wonderful, aged texture and I always love the outcome. The thing about old book pages is that it encourages the use of bold, constrasting lines. Thin and weak lines get swallowed up in the sea of words. This makes some mistakes less visible whilst other mistakes more obvious. In all, a very different feeling compared to a blank medium.

This week’s attempt is my largest ZIA on an old book page to date, though the actual tangled portion is similar in size to an official tile.

For my piece I chose a page that had a few mentions about water, though these became somewhat hidden after my tangling 😛 so I thought I might just share them here (because I have a thing for words):

“down the bank”
“the milky stream”
“foamed over the rocks”

Here goes: (clicking on each image will to take you to Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 181 - Water

Diva Challenge Wk 181 - Water

Oh and have I said so already? My official tiles finally made it here last Friday!

Bye for now, I am rushing off to do a post run ^^

Mid-week Updates

It has been a very productive day here! I decided it was time to update as many of my sites as I could, including the shop ^^

New to the shop today…. (click the image to visit the shop’s inventory page)

Southern Seas by hesedetang * the Lorelei by hesedetang *

I have finally put up my tangles page as well as entries for the Diva Challenge, which has been helping to add some spice to my before-bedtime tangling routine. (Not that I was really running out of ideas yet :P) I have also created a new Flickr album to house my growing collection of tangles 😛

I am also preparing more variations of my lariat necklaces for the upcoming fleas – these did really well previously and it seems like they are really popular ^^

Lariat Necklace in Goldsand

Sneak previews of the Lariat necklaces.These are also known as “Y” necklaces in some circles.

These will not be listed on my virtual shops, but will be available at my booth or custom orders 🙂

Butterfly Lariat Necklace in Indigo by hesedetang * Butterfly Lariat Necklace in Indigo by hesedetang * Glass Lariat Necklace with rainbow faceted suncatcher by hesedetang *Glass Lariat Necklace with rainbow faceted suncatcher by hesedetang *

I am signing off now 🙂

Happy, excited and feeling ultra pleased!

Zentangles – Diva Challenge #4 + #180

Whoa.. I was adjusting something on my blog just before this post and somehow everything looks completely alien right now. Is it me or did the entire WordPress interface just change without warning?

Anyway, not that it really matters. I’ll just have to get used to where everything is (again).

Week 4 – “Starry Eyed Surprise” (Click to view on Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 4 - Starry Eyed Surprise Diva Challenge Wk 4 - Starry Eyed Surprise

Week 180 – “UMT MacDee”

Okay, just when I was beginning to feel like each attempted challenge brought out the best in my tangling, I ran smack into one that I didn’t like at all. It was such a pity – I was looking forward to this week’s challenge, it being the first one I’m doing “in real time”.


P.S. I just realised that I haven’t even bothered to watermark it though it still bears my hammy trademark. I am usually fastiduous to a fault about watermarking. Guess it only goes to show how much I dislike it xD

Diva Challenge Wk 180: UMT - MacDee

A Foray into the world of Zentangles

Growing up, I never had a single drawing or sketch turn out the way they were “supposed to” and I always, always got my art teacher into a frenzy because I would always get some technique or other wrong 😛

Deflated, I never really thought of myself as an artist or that I was creative in any way. After years of struggling through the school system failing art, this mindset was rather set in stone until recently.

I discovered, through Swap-bot, the Zentangle method.

Zentangles feature abstract, repetitive patterns to form a work of art. I was motivated to try it out for myself after reading that it was “fail proof” and that imperfections were fine and erasing “mistakes” was discouraged.

I was skeptical at first too, because tangling was claimed to be calming and meditative, but even I could see why from the first few attempts.

I was further lured in by the fact that there are TONS of free material online, shared by a passionate community. Two such great resources that I have found indispensable, is the TanglePatterns website and The Bright Owl (home to the Zendala Dare). The massive compendium of tangles, strings and templates make for endless combinations. No two attempts ever come out the same.

Essentially, all you need to begin is a good ink pen (some people prefer pencil, but with penciling comes the urge to erase every mistake…) and some paper. I basically dug up all my old stationery items and made use of some of the journals that were given to me over the years as gifts. I started out using a regular gel pen but found my old Copics (one of my current copics is from my diploma days!! Which makes it about 14 years old, zomg! And it’s still ‘alive’ XD) and bought a pair of Sakura Microns, the 05 and 01.

I am probably not the first to note that many of these tangles resemble the Asian batik paintings and henna art, but I was surprised at how easily it was to immerse oneself in such a short time, even if one had never tried tangling, batik painting or henna art.

I am going to pause my gushing here and present to you my humble attempts at the Zentangle artform 🙂

All rights reserved.

‘All things bright and beautiful’ by hesedetang * All rights reserved.