Zentangles – Diva Challenge #181 Water

This Saturday, I have an upcoming flea booth to host, so I have been quite busy. It is funny though, that when I am busy, I find myself tangling on the fly, whenever I find a spare moment or two. Thus, I managed to get through quite a few past challenges this week including this week’s “Water”.

I might be slow on the uptake, but I realise that I have been merging all my interests lately 😛

I upcycle not just old jewelry items, but book pages and old papers now too. I use these regularly as swap items, as is, or I make notecards, ATCs and bookmarks out of them, also for the occasional swap (it is tough to swap when you’d love to keep them all especially the tangled ones :P).

It feels very different when I tangle on an old book page, the paper is a wonderful, aged texture and I always love the outcome. The thing about old book pages is that it encourages the use of bold, constrasting lines. Thin and weak lines get swallowed up in the sea of words. This makes some mistakes less visible whilst other mistakes more obvious. In all, a very different feeling compared to a blank medium.

This week’s attempt is my largest ZIA on an old book page to date, though the actual tangled portion is similar in size to an official tile.

For my piece I chose a page that had a few mentions about water, though these became somewhat hidden after my tangling 😛 so I thought I might just share them here (because I have a thing for words):

“down the bank”
“the milky stream”
“foamed over the rocks”

Here goes: (clicking on each image will to take you to Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 181 - Water

Diva Challenge Wk 181 - Water

Oh and have I said so already? My official tiles finally made it here last Friday!

Bye for now, I am rushing off to do a post run ^^


    • I salvaged mine from very old copies so you might have some lying around too – I herald from a family of bookworms and these were my mom’s. The ultra humidity here is not very book-friendly so these were really droopy books by the time my mom passed on. Since then, I’d kept the best of them for over a decade, but it is becoming clear they are not going to ‘survive’ for much longer. This gives them a fresh lease of life as an artform instead of being thrown out ^^ I am sure my mom would approve too – she had a creative streak as well 🙂 Thank you for coming by and for your comments! ❤


    • Oh I would so love to try that sometime! I am a bit tied up with crafting for my flea markets right now so I will probably only get to try it out when I have nothing scheduled ^^ Thanks for dropping by!


    • Thank you for coming by – that’s a miniature ‘Sand Swirl’ XD I did wish I had a bit more space for it but eventually I decided it does look quite nice, sitting all compact like that ^^ Cheers!


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