Zentangles – Diva Challenge #184 & #15

It has been quite a productive week since I last posted ^^

Over the weekend, I was contacted by the BFF to do an impromptu meet-up. She doesn’t normally do this in recent years, as she has a toddler to tote around, so when she called on Saturday asking to meet up on Sunday, I was quite surprised.

Basically the company she works at (which shall stay unnamed) is holding a fundraising event to benefit their adopted charity. Whilst this event is not open to external sellers, employees are encouraged to donate cash or items for an in-house auction (happening later this week).

BFF thought it would be fun to participate by purchasing earrings from me and donating them for the organising committee to either sell off or auction. So she contacted me (so thoughtful of her) and I agreed to give her 20 pairs of earrings at cost 🙂 It was a deal and we met for tea on Sunday (truly a rarity!) to make the transaction.

So sweet of her to think of me 🙂 I was so pleased to be able to do this with her and for a good cause too!

Here are some of the stuff that went to her:

summer cacti by hesedetang * the Silver Garden Earrings in Cyan

BFF and I have been BFFs for 25 years, this year 🙂 How time does fly!

I had a bit of spare time on Sunday evening so I had been tangling my take on Week 15’s Mooka. It was also my first opportunity to play with ING so I included that, just for fun.

It did occur to me that this week’s challenge most likely would be “ING” too, but I decided you can’t have too much of a good thing 😛 So in all, I ended up with three ZIAs featuring this new tangle – two were done before the announcement was posted and a third one after 😛

In the end I just decided to put them all up XD

Week 15 – Mooka

This is Week 15’s Mooka featuring a bit of ING. (Clicking the ZIA images below will take you to Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 15 - Mooka

Week 184 “ING”

This ZIA is a test piece on Muji Kraft Postcard paper, which I bought on Saturday.

I like making ZIA postcards, for swaps and for keepers, so I was excited to find a kraft paper version. Previously I was already using Daiso-store-bought postcard blanks.

There were no samples in the Muji store, so I just decided to give it a go being a long time fan of  Muji. Big mistake!

I found the paper really thin despite being labelled ‘postcard’. It is just a tad thicker than normal copier paper so I was very disappointed. Waste not want not.. I decided to tangle on it anyway and found that it was quite smooth and it was quite nice to draw on despite my own misgivings.

Eventually, I might mount each one on a Daiso postcard blank in the end, just to placate myself 😛 😛 Or it could go into a new journal I am building… ^^

Diva Challenge Wk 184 - ING #1

And here is my ‘official’ entry for this week’s challenge, which was drawn on another old book page. I did this one last night before bed 🙂

By now it is probably pretty obvious that I am fairly hooked on drawing Mooka, Lily Padz and Knot Rickz 😛 I was itching to “do something more” with Lily Padz 😛 They are so cute!

Diva Challenge Wk 184 - ING #2

It is kinda rare for me to have just three tangles on a tile 😛 Also, I really like how the lines in ING contrast with the rest of the “plant life” ^^

A closer view…

Diva Challenge Wk 184 - ING #2

Signing off for now..

[In case anyone is bored interested, my other Diva Challenge Responses have been collated here ^^]



  1. Very kind of you to help out your BFF, I’m sure her charity will do well with these beautiful contributions. Your Mooka is so beautiful that I don’t blame you for adding it wherever you can and I think the Ing does well as a contrast to more organic tangles. All very nice.


    • I love supporting causes and if I may do so through crafting, all the better. I originally created these for a community run and carnival in support of needy children. They are fun and quick to make, so I reckon they will be my go-to designs for when I need to make up a huge batch for charitable causes ^^ Mooka is so much fun, it is probably one of my most tangled haha.. Thank you 🙂


  2. I especially like the bold lines in your Mooka tile. Also great shading. Looks like it may be a marker rather than graphite. That can give a nice effect also. Hope they include your information on the pieces that you donated. May be a source of some commission work for you.


    • Hi Donald lovely of you to visit again 🙂
      You have a good eye. I own several grey copic markers that I use for shading my ZIAs/tiles. I have hands that naturally perspire a lot so unfortunately, graphite will not be a good option for me.
      It is kind of you to think this way – yes I did include a little calling card in the packaging, and where the card wouldn’t fit, I stamped my URL on plain cardstock. Thank you 🙂


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