Mew Review:, Nekojam & Cat Socrates

Dyllis and Dexter, the resident meows, have been having an incredible, nearly unbelieveable, fortnight of non-stop goodies, and it is still a long way off their respective birthdays 😛

For starters, in mid-September, I finally got my hands on a packet of Wellness cat treats, after months of wondering why Singapore suppliers only brought in the canine versions. The cats have been using Wellness Core kitten kibble, although pricey, since Dyllis weaned off the questionable brands their breeder was feeding. And so it was weird to me that they chose not to bring in their range of cat treats. Anyway, these treats were somewhat pricey too, at nearly 9 bucks per pack (my memory continues to fail, all I recall is that it cost more than $8.50. Do forgive!), for a small pack, but then again, most quality pet products are over-priced in Singapore.

The meows also got a restock of their favourite snack – Applaws wet food in ready to serve pods. (We don’t serve this directly to the meows in these pods because we don’t want any blood shed xD They are required to share each pod even though it is small – it is a snack! – and there is always a huge fuss to lick the plates clean. The ‘pods’ are also plastic and lightweight, guaranteeing a confirmed flight cum disastrous crash-landing, should it happen to get caught in any meow-ltercation.)

I am usually stingy with treats as the meows are fed a human-grade diet containing a raw elements that are made from USA-sourced ingredients and then imported from the USA. Thus I do not want to disrupt the feeding routine by feeding too many treats. This restock was, by my own standards, quite generous 😛

(Note: I promise, am not being/trying to be a snob about price vs. quality. I invest in their nutrition as I neither wish them to suffer ill health, nor I to suffer paying staggering vet bills. As pet food adds to expenses either way I see it, I’d rather not spend on food that could be very affordable, and later have my meows pay for my poor choice with their health.)

cat treats september

The Wellness Kittles didn’t last us very long. I don’t think it is real value for money, though it is still a high quality snack. I will probably buy it again, but only when I am inclined to splurge (there are better raw-dehydrated treats out there for less!). Dyllis, ever the biscuit monster, went crazy for Wellness Kittles as she does for most other biscuits, but Dexter wasn’t very interested. He would only accept one or two, I suspect out of courtesy for me xD

Then the meows also received a surprise delivery with from too. offers a monthly subscription box of goodies for cats and dogs. The last time we ordered a box was at Christmas last year so it was truly a surprise to receive 🙂

Dyllis + Fetchbox


Here is Dyllis our professional meowdel (model) xD Dexter chose to sit this session out. (As always – click on the images to view the photo and others on Flickr)


Dyllis + Fetchbox
Dyllis + Fetchbox

The goodies in the Fetch-box package will be going to 4 rescue meows who have recently been taken in by our relatives 🙂

Nekojam ID Tags and cat collars from Cat Socrates

In addition to all of these, I finally made the trip to the newly open Cat Socrates branch at Katong. This is quite shameful it took me so long to visit as I live really close by, but only managed just to bounce over 😛

Cat Socrates is a local shop that I was always very fond of. I have been visiting its first outlet periodically since 2007 or 2008 (I can’t seem to pinpoint in my mind when I first set foot in it), whenever life gets too stressful to face. It is a cosy little store where each visit feels like a home-coming. I have taken countless of friends to the original outlet over the years and I had been looking forward to visiting the new outlet since its opening was announced.

Housed in the quaint old world district of Katong, the second shop is set in a newly refurbished shophouse. It is a pity my trip ended with no photographs. I was lazy did not bring my DLSR so I relied on my poor Samsung Note II which could not keep up with the day and crashed repeatedly 😛 (It is really my fault – I have about 3k photos in it. This reminds me that I need to do a backup soon!) Nonetheless, I will revisit with my camera soon!

For other photos, do visit Cat Socrates’ owner, Hellen Jiang, the Post Banshee’s photostream  on Flickr.

I got Dyllis and Dexter a pair of cat collars from their latest line of pet products.


I’d already been saving a pair of ID tags from Nekojam Online for when I got them new collars, so I was pleased as pie to finally hang them on these sparkling new, bling-ing collars from Cat Socrates.

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

In particular, I liked the white collar with the pink bloom best. It has pretty crystal studs all around and is sturdy. It does not slide around if worn properly. Dyllis our vainpot, was quite pleased to wear it around the entire day, and was even in the mood to pose.

Dexter, of course, got the collar with the black polka-dotted bow. It is a very lightweight collar, akin to a bra-strap 😛 It is really pretty though, but I think my meows are a bit too fond of rough play for them to wear this one unsupervised. It is not heavy duty enough for Dexter who kept trying to chew off the bow, which in turn pulled on and tightened the strap XD Needless to say, he wasn’t very fond of wearing it as Dyllis was with hers XD

The ID tags from Nekojam Online fit the Cat Socrates collars like a dream. These tags are made of aluminium and are very light and can be worn by cats and dogs.

Although every pet cat and dog should be micro-chipped, like ours are, ID tags are really useful as they allow the owner to insert a piece of paper with a contact number into the barrel.

Nekojam offers these tags in seven colours (Angel Silver, Gunmetal Gray, Peony Red, Tangerine, Apple Green, Ocean Blue & Fancy Violet) at the very affordable price of SGD8 per tag. Nekojam donates SGD2 from each purchase to Action for Singapore Dogs or the Cat Welfare Society (your choice).

I wanted neutral colours to match collars of all colours, so I went for Angel Silver 🙂

Here are the photos from the shoot xD

DexterDyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

It always gives me great assurance that the good people at Nekojam are pet lovers too, and this is highly evident in their dedication to quality brands.

The team at Nekojam Online is fronted by Debrah, a very friendly and approachable, self-confessed crazy cat lady 🙂 Once we started chatting, we became fast friends.

She is very dedicated, and often responds instantaneously to my enquiries. Sometimes she even personally delivers the orders herself! Whenever she does this, Dyllis always rewards her by allowing kitty hugs and cuddles xD

Anyway… The meows are happy so I am happy 🙂 Leaving you for now with Dyllis and Dexter on their home-made cat-tree ^^

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates

Dyllis & Dexter ft. Nekojam & Cat Socrates


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