Hamstery Update – Reservations are Open!

Ms Hazelnut Frappe

Click to view additional details about Hazelnut Frappe.

In our first pairing of the year, we have just successfully introduced Hazelnut Frappe to a white-faced male named Almond Roca 🙂 Hopefully, they will go on to successfully take our line to the 8th generation.

Almond Roca, white-faced Roborovski male.

Reservation slots for upcoming litter(s) are open. Please send us an email at hesedetang.hamstery@gmail.com sharing a bit about yourself and your experience with hams, if any.

As always, we do not encourage the shipment of hamsters (they are fragile, tiny and many do not survive in transit). Thus we only welcome Singaporean interest. There is a screening process and limited reservation slots are available.

Special consideration will be given to competent hobby breeders looking to work with me on future generations of Roborovski hamsters.

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 191

I am so happy to see clearer skies this week here in Singapore! My throat and nasal passages join me in thanksgiving ^^ They still feel swollen, but cleaner air, even if just slightly cleaner, is ALWAYS a welcome improvement.

After hitting a real physical low and being in much pain last week, I am happy, almost gleeful, that I have been able to get many things done and out of the way as possible, these couple of days.

To ‘celebrate’ I decided to start tangling in my new-old (or is it old-new), upcycled art journal. In Jan 2011, I purchased this little gem of a journal from Marmalime on Etsy. (See item page on Etsy: _https://www.etsy.com/transaction/41184876 ) (Clicking the images below will take you to Flickr.)

New-old/Old-new Upcycled Art Journal

New-old/Old-new Upcycled Art Journal

It is an entirely handbound journal, using upcycled and recycled materials. The cover is made from upcycled plastic from a Canadian factory and is lined on the inside with felt made from recycled plastic bottles. The pages are 98lb acid free, mixed media, recycled paper and each section is lined with a sheet of black cardstock.

I love upcycling and giving fresh life to the mundane. So this journal really ‘spoke’ to me and I am a fan of Marmalime’s stuff.

New-old/Old-new Upcycled Art Journal

I loved it so much that after writing just a page of thoughts in it, I hoarded.. ahem HID it away for some time and gradually, I forgot about all about it.

Just last month, I re-discovered it whilst moving my craft desk into another part of my home and I was super ecstatic to find it again. It was EXACTLY what I had been looking for –  I had been scouring around many craft, scrapping and stationery shops since July for an appropriate art journal to contain my growing tangling addiction, and I was getting to the point where I was thinking of compiling loose leaves into a binder with see through sleeves. I might do that at some point, but I kind of wanted something with more character of its own, and something I could tuck into my bag without adding too much more weight (does anyone else get teased about carrying a “ton of bricks”??). Measuring approximately A6 (15cm x 10.5cm) in size and about 3.5cm thick, this journal is perfect to tote around!

I am really SO thrilled about my rediscovery (oh indeed, the small things!) and whilst watching (Lee Haru and Choo Sarang on Superman Returns) reruns, I allowed my tangles to flow freely 🙂

New-old/Old-new Upcycled Art Journal
New-old/Old-new Upcycled Art Journal

It appears I STILL have NOT gotten all the leafy piles out of my system xD xD This is probably my _th pile!

Oh well ^^ Happy problem 🙂

Diva Challenge 191 – Betweed

This week the challenge requires us to draw Betweed in a monotangle.

Believe it or not, I had never tried Betweed prior to this challenge, so the video was really helpful 😛

Each time I watch the official tangle videos, I am struck once again, by how easy and uncomplicated Maria makes every stroke look 🙂 Also – another realisation : What Maria can do in a few minutes always takes me much longer, sometimes forever 😛 😛

Without further ado, here’s my tangle for the week..

Diva Challenge Wk 191 - Betweed

If you look closer, you’ll spot some issues I had with my white Sakura Gelly Roll pen 😛 😛

I guess I am not doing this clever tangle any justice in this week’s challenge but I certainly have made mental notes to incorporate it more often from now on 🙂

Signing off here to visit your blogs ^^

The MAADness continues… at MAAD Pyjamas!

Yikes…. The month of October is ending!? Unbelievable. Where does all the time go? Sigh. I do realise that I have not been posting regular shop updates here 😛 Facebook is just more convenient to update, especially when one has to juggle so many things at once!

Well anyway.. to keep this update short and sweet, here goes xD

MAAD Pyjamas 7 November 2014

My little shop will be participating at the next artisanal market that is organised by the good people at MAAD Pyjamas, hosted by the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore.

This will be happening on:

Date: Friday 7 November 2014

Time: 5pm – midnight

Venue: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, 28 Maxwell Road (my little shop will be located within the museum itself)

Seya there! 🙂

Recent Custom Orders

These ones were just so much fun to do..

Matching earrings and bracelet/anklet in nautical hues ^^

Matching nautical bracelet with removable bling for the customer’s child ^^

And oh, the last of the Owls has flown ^^

More updates on the Facebook page!

Bye for now 😀

Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wks 188 – 190

I am finally getting caught up with the Challenges I’ve missed.

(Things seem to be perpetually up in the air and I cannot seem to be able to find a routine to stick to, before it gets up-ended and I have to re-wire my brain again. It does not help that I have been waking up at first light, sometimes way before first light, and having nightmares and panic attacks, these past few weeks. I have also been having a neck and head ache which is into its 8th day. And then(!), we are having our “annual” period of hazy air here in Singapore, and having to deal with that on top of everything is making me irritable and restless.)

Diva Challenge 188 – LGBT

Whilst I do have a number of good friends who have come out or are in various stages of coming out, I personally do not possess any specific feelings or opinions on the matter of anyone being LGBT.

I simply think everyone LGBT or not, has enough on their plates to cope with, facing their own issues without the need for anyone to add any extra drama or stigma, so my stance has always been one of acceptance and friendship.

For my challenge, I used an old book page, cut to the size of an official tile. After that, I didn’t know where to begin and just decided to start at random, so I did not have a string, and I went with tangles from the letters L, G, B, and T. Finally, I then stuck the old book page to an A6 postcard blank as a backing.

Diva Challenge Wk 188 - LGBT

Call me boring but I am not really liking the use of this much colour 😛 I prefer tangling in grey-scale by far 😛

Diva Challenge 189 – UMT Yuma

Yuma is a tangle that I have a lot of difficulties with, especially the ‘stemmed’ version of Yuma 😛 I did both kinds for this A7 journal page, and I like the non-stemmed Yuma better 😛

Diva Challenge Wk 189 - UMT Yuma

I am still (quite obviously) stuck in my “Leaves” mode and decided to just flow with it 🙂 So here’s another leafy pile, on an A7, lightweight chipboard card. I love the texture of the chipboard, as well as how sturdy it is, without being too weighty.

This piece will probably be swapped at some point (I have simply accumulated too many leafy piles already, haha), but we’ll see how it goes.. tangles are often difficult to part with!

Diva Challenge 190 – Pink for Ardath

This week, we are asked to honour someone who has had a brush with breast cancer.

For this challenge, I decided to focus on my mother, who was once a breast cancer victim. In all, she fought cancer for about 7 years, which by then had spread to her other organs. When I was 16, she finally succumbed, losing her fight just days before she was to begin a more invasive treatment, that had already been scheduled.

It was a year like no other for my family. We had lost my mother and paternal grandmother within 3 months of each other, and I could never speak of either of them without crying, for such a long time. I am much older now, and grief has finally lost its sharp fangs, but this week’s challenge has reminded me how being 16 felt like. Not something I want to revisit in too much detail right now, with my throbbing neck and head.

Diva Challenge Wk 190 - Pink for Ardath

This is a 3″x3″ strathmore cold press card, much smaller than a usual tile. My lack of mental focus today made me pick this over something larger like an official tile or A6 postcard blank (which happens to be my favourite – so practical to swap and give away). I do admit that it is a little small to be worthy of a tribute, but for now it is all I can manage (better something smaller, with some meaning, than bigger without finishing, haha…).

I also decided to make the string simple and what better than to use the iconic pink ribbon itself as a string. I then tangled up some tangles that I know my mother would love.

Signing off now, hoping next week will be haze-free, at least!

Mew Review II: Raw-Dehy Treats and Random Extras

Nature’s Variety: Rawboost Minis vs. Visvit Snacks for Cats

This week our meows had the opportunity to try out Nature’s Variety Instinct Rawboost Minis. They are already on a main diet that consists of raw dehydrated elements, so I am always on the look out for other raw treats.

(The good thing about feeding raw food/treats as opposed to other cooked or baked food/snacks is that it is not as easy for the meows to put on the pounds with raw (my meows eat a lot, but are still in good shape. I am also glad I need not feel any guilt in handing out treats to my meows, haha..)

For variety’s sake, I usually avoid Tuna and Chicken when selecting treats as these already feature in their main diet, so for treats I tend to look out for Duck or Turkey. If none are available, I’d go for Salmon or Mussel raw-dehy treats.

Rawboost Minis comes in Chicken and Duck, whilst Visvit comes in  Fish, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Duck and Duck Liver. So naturally I went with the Duck/Duck liver versions.

2014-10-16-11-45-22_deco 2014-10-16-11-46-09_deco

At $13.80 for 63grams, the box of Rawboost Minis is more than twice the price of the Visvit’s 20 grams for $5.90. That said, this also happens to be the third package of Visvit we’ve gotten the meows as we go through them quite quickly so its popularity is quite obvious 🙂 Not that the meows can resist the Rawboost either. I personally think it might be better to get the Rawboost if there’s more than one meow about, so that there’s more of the stuff to go around.

Our meows get their raw-dehy treats handfed, one at a time, to prevent any tussles. They really love these treats and will obey commands like kiss, sit and stand when these treats are being used as rewards. For this reason, the Visvit pieces are not as ideal to handfeed, when compared to the larger Rawboost Minis nuggets.

My fingers get chomped on A LOT, so giving them the Visvit is not exactly my favourite experience. Each Visvit piece disappears as soon as it goes in the mouth. This causes a lot of anxiety in Dyllis and I can actually feel her stress levels rise, and her chomps get more intense.

From my observations, they seem to be more at ease with the Rawboost nuggets, as the morsel is bigger, they seem to worry less about me handing out more treats to the rival meow. They eat slower and I don’t get attacked by shark-bite! (For actual photos of the nuggets themselves, just google for images.. there are loads online :P)

Each Rawboost nugget disintegrates easily, into a powder form (similar in texture to a Primal raw-dehy nugget) so sometimes I do have to clean the floor up after treat time, but I do not really mind, as this means I can also break each nugget apart for feeding, if it happens that the nugget is too large, or if I want to limit their intake.

Each Visvit piece is already so tiny, there is truly no need to reduce it in size. In fact, it might be a great product improvement, if they could increase the size of each piece by 150 – 200%. In my case, it would make the human a happier customer since the meows don’t care anyway, as long as the treat tastes great 😛

Earthbath Tooth and Gum Wipes 

After agonising over toothbrushes and toothpaste, I finally decided to go the way of the humble wipe.

I know this will probably not leave their teeth as clean as the practice of brushing, but I certainly do not wish to have my cats runaway each time they see me coming with a toothbrush. Chasing the both of them down each time for teeth brushing will also be quite stressful for everyone concerned.

Both meows are currently accepting of body and ear wipes and I do not wish to undo the huge amount of conditioning that has made this situation even possible. For Dyllis, she has made huge, positive progress in allowing her human to clean her ears without so much as an unsheathed claw or whimper.

For weeks prior to purchase, I had already been opening their mouths to inspect their teeth, so I was hopeful of similar success (to the ear wipes) with the Earthbath tooth and gum wipes.


It kind of worked. There was a bit of initial fuss, but not too much.

The first time the tooth wipes appeared, they were a little uneasy at having something in their mouth, once they realised that it was not going to be just a regular mouth observation. So I went slow and made gentle movements for just a few seconds at a time, not really caring about cleaning anything, but to condition them to the minty taste and texture of the wipe.

We have had 3 such sessions so far. They put up with it fairly well so I think it will become a part of the regular routine.

Random Grooming Shears

By chance, I found out that Daiso does sell grooming shears last year. This is a photo of my latest pair, and I am still actively using the previous pair. At $2 it is a really good steal!


Dexter always has wayward butt fur that tangles up with the cat litter and other unmentionables. So this really comes in handy to trim down around the butt. Of course he doesn’t enjoy it, so I like that the point of the shears is blunt and that I am less likely to ram it into anything, in case of a struggle.

Regular shears will work too, but they leave the fur in a very unnatural crop whenever I try. Looking at the aftermath always makes me feel bad for my poor fur-trimming skills. Thankfully cutting with these is more forgiving 😛

Cotton On Kids Apparel

I have always enjoyed looking at Cotton On Kids’ clothing, so when Dyllis came along, we got her a few newborn-sized (0 months) tank tops from Cotton On 🙂

I altered the pink one, to shorten the straps, but thankfully I left the other purple one in its original state or it would not have fit Dexter’s broader shoulders. The tank tops were $5 each, from a post-season sale. I then added a pink Cotton On Kids bow to Dyllis’ top but Dexter did not allow me to put his on xD

I’ll leave it to the meows to show you their response, whilst I sign off for now 😛

Ribbon with an applique star and faux fur on left, $6.95; and elastic headband with pink fabric and cord ribbon on right, $2.00.

Dyllis’ “Ah huh, I know I look good.. You don’t have to tell me..” face.

Dyllis x Cotton On Kids

 Dexter’s “Bleahhhhhhh!” face xD

"Bleah!!" Dexter x Cotton On Kids

Dyllis x Cotton On Kids  Dexter x Cotton On Kids

Going MAAD Pyjamas!

My shop has been cleared to participate in the next artisanal market that is organised by the good people at MAAD Pyjamas, at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. This is happening on:

Date: Friday 10 October 2014

Time: 5pm – midnight

Venue: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, 28 Maxwell Road

P.S For the first time on 10 October, I will also be featuring Zentangle-inspired Art postcards in my shop. These are one of a kind (after all, they are hand-drawn individually by me) and I will only have just a few pieces 🙂

Hope to see you there! 🙂