Hamstery Update – Reservations are Open!

Ms Hazelnut Frappe

Click to view additional details about Hazelnut Frappe.

In our first pairing of the year, we have just successfully introduced Hazelnut Frappe to a white-faced male named Almond Roca 🙂 Hopefully, they will go on to successfully take our line to the 8th generation.

Almond Roca, white-faced Roborovski male.

Reservation slots for upcoming litter(s) are open. Please send us an email at hesedetang.hamstery@gmail.com sharing a bit about yourself and your experience with hams, if any.

As always, we do not encourage the shipment of hamsters (they are fragile, tiny and many do not survive in transit). Thus we only welcome Singaporean interest. There is a screening process and limited reservation slots are available.

Special consideration will be given to competent hobby breeders looking to work with me on future generations of Roborovski hamsters.

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