Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 195

Life often seems to throw the most unexpected things and the most unexpected times. Last week was one of those weeks.

Last Tuesday, I lost a friend.

I had just gotten to know him and his young family. They have a 3 year old. They are a very warm and inspiring couple and I was very much looking forward to getting to know them better, as we have some social gatherings over the next few months.

Our little group was all shocked into disbelief because it seemed like he was texting us about a Christmas party one moment in the late afternoon, and then 2 hours later we were told he was unconscious and they could not resuscitate him. By nightfall, he had returned home to the Lord. Everything happened in a span of a few short hours.

I was not close enough to him for me to grieve too deeply, but the suddenness of everything (they are such a lovely family) put a huge dampener on the rest of the week. I happened to be flooded with custom orders too, so I was kept fairly busy, but the whole time, my mind did not leave his family and the (seemingly) senselessness of their loss, even though I do agree that he is indeed in a better place.

Considering the situation and everything that was going on, I decided to spare myself the agony of last week’s “Embracing the Yuck” challenge.

I get that it might have been a good challenge for some, but no, thanks. I already have plenty of yuck around these parts as it is. Also, I did originally turn to Zentangles to calm down, create beauty and appreciate beauty in the mundane, not the yuck. Definitely.

This is my personal preference and has nothing to do with the Diva’s guest or the challenge being guest-issued – I’d also skipped the Diva’s original “non-dominatrix” (non-dominant hand) challenge when I was starting on the challenges from the beginning.

To be fair, I did try my hand at that old challenge, but gave up when I started getting frustrated and edgy because it completely killed off my inner calmness – the very calmness that for me is a challenge in itself to hang onto, each day.

I am so very happy to participate on this week’s challenge instead, which bears the title “Turning Old into New”.

I particularly like the hopefulness and positivity within the title itself, and was much happier to pick up my Microns this time.

For this week’s challenge, I drew a string onto my art journal, but did not really manage to keep to it, except for the borders. I had decided to use Pokeroot as a grid, and Sanibelle for my line border, which I think turned out quite pretty.

My Pokeroot is kinda half-spiral, half-grid(?) – I am not too sure which it resembles more, but I like it because it looks kind of like I am looking down at a bunch of Pokeroots from the top.

I ended up adding in Beadlines, which I wanted to present in a flowy grid, but did not succeed, and Shard/Shattuck which became a square.

Here we go.. (clicking on the images will take you to Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 195 - Turning Old into New

Diva Challenge Wk 195 - Turning Old into New

I am quite pleased and might try putting a spin on other tangles over the course of the week, just for fun 🙂

To end off, here are some other recent pieces before I visit other entries 🙂 If you are participating in my swaps on SB, I must tell you that there is a spoiler ahead 😛

ZIA postcards

ZIA PostcardsZIA Postcards

ZIA PostcardsZIA Postcards

 International Postcard Swap on Swapbot

“Snowflakes in December”

P.S. Thanks for all the visits and comments from previous weeks. They are much appreciated ❤

P.P.S If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com 🙂 Have a great week!


  1. I love all the work you have shown here and the Challenge tile is a joy. You have quite an imagination to mix them like this. As for the darker side of life, my heart goes out to you. Hang on in there. I also sympathise with your view on the Yuk and the left handed tiles. Like you, I do this to relax and found that relaxation disappeared completely when I tried these!

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  2. Sorry to hear of the passing of your new friend. I like your challenge tile. Wonderful design. Poke Root is one of my favorite patterns. Well done. All of your Tiles in this post are beautiful. You have a very fine hand. Beautiful line work.

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  3. Sorry for the loss of the new friend. Unexpected things like that can be so hard to get a perspective. I can understand why you would not have wanted to do the previous challenge. I got one done late, but it was not particularly enjoyable. This week’s challenge tile turned out well, I think it is interesting how we can have a perception of how we want some thing to work out and it ends up being okay when it does not go exactly according to plan. I like your snowflakes also.

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  4. Thanks everyone for all the kind words.. I am fine, just shaken from the suddenness.. Life is so unpredictable. I am not mourning as much as some of the other members of my community who have known him for much longer, especially his wife and child, of course. Watching is tough, but not as tough as it is for them, losing a husband/father.


  5. When someone so young dies it is always a bit shocking…understandable that you turned toward traditional zentangle seeking calm and peace. Your work is lovely and I too, like how you work on the printed backgrounds…very clever!

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  6. Thank you for sharing your less than good week with us. I sometimes am hesitant to do this, but I think it is good to get it out there. I can understand how doing a tile like last week’s would not be a good thing. I am glad you are back on track for the “zen” this week. I like what you did with Pokeroot and Sanibell.

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    • Thank you – often I am reluctant to state how bad things are too. However if there has been anything I’ve learned the past year from having PTSD is that internalising the negatives can do so much more harm to oneself. Since taking on tangling as self-directed ‘therapy’ (and to also reinforce my own thought and prayer-life) I am relieved to say that I am in a healthier frame of mind, and now know to avoid doing anything that would trigger off too much additional negativity 🙂


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