Mew Review III : Supplementary Warfare & Cat Idea

Okay so even I admit that the title of this review is kinda overly dramatic, but I am sure most pet parents would be familiar with the act of waging war. That is, the war that takes place at mealtime whenever our furkids refuse to eat!

The Honest Kitchen Invigor vs. Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline 

Late in November, our meows had the privilege of trying out a sachet of Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline. They were already using Invigor from The Honest Kitchen‘s range of herbal supplements, so when kindly offered to send us a sachet of Frisky Feline, I was enthusiastic to let my meows give it a go. I will not republish any ingredient lists here, so please visit the official sites for all that, if you are interested.

To start off, here’s a little bit of background to my cats and their preferences, just to give this review a better perspective. I just thought I might state that my cats are probably not the fussiest of felines, but they too, have preferences like most average meows. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being most fussy and one not at all, I would rate Dyllis a 7.5 and Dexter a 4.5.

For most part, Dyllis and Dexter are like day and night – they typically have opposing preferences which can be as much of a good thing as a bad (ie. not fighting over the same toy = good; whilst not being able to find a single kind of cat litter they can both agree on, so that I can save money buying in bulk = bad!).

Like pretty much everything else, Dyllis and Dexter like different types of food, for example, Dyllis loves tuna and Dexter loves pork.

Dyllis is usually harder to please in general, where food is concerned, and if the wet food served isn’t to her liking, she would rather starve herself and subsist solely on kibble (don’t get me started on the harms of a mostly kibble diet). Dexter is not as difficult to please, but some brands (this includes the expensive, renown brands too) set off his sensitive tummy and we all suffer for it (read: wet stools). Thus it had been quite a challenge to create a diet they would both be willing to eat regularly and one that does not trigger Dexter off.

It is generally difficult to have them both agree on one type of food. So when they both dislike something, I have to admit it is pretty worrisome, especially when it is supposedly healthy 😛

In looking for dietary supplements, I decided at first to go with Invigor because our meows were already on THK – Prowl (raw-dehydrated food) once a day, and were doing very well. THK is a brand that I have grown to trust a great deal.


Our tin of Invigor did not disappoint. Upon opening the tin, one is met with a natural, fresh, herbaceous scent. It is a very fine powder that resembles green, dust particles.

Both meows accepted it without fuss from the very first day I introduced it into their morning meal, along with Prowl. I started out with less than half the indicated dosage, because I obviously did not want to risk Dexter getting sick.

However, from the time I began adding Invigor to their food, I noticed that they started eating voraciously – as though they were insatiable! It was a bit scary, they were begging for food non-stop, even after their usual portioned-meals. Dyllis suddenly was a different cat altogether, it was as though the mechanics in her tummy were switched on and she started eating proper portions. Prior to this, she ate like a model watching her figure, if at all. Dexter always ate with gusto, so going on Invigor just made him eat even more.

They are both young cats, but I doubt over-eating at any life stage is healthy. It was hard to keep to the fixed meals, though I did increase their portions slightly. If only to prevent them from becoming manic eating machines, I never got to the point where I had any desire to raise their dosage to match what was indicated on the packaging, as long as I made sure to include it in their morning meals dutifully.

I had hoped to enjoy the same smooth transition with the Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline.

The product is a wheat-coloured powder, but not nearly as finely ground as that of the Invigor. There was quite a noticeable scent from the yeast, but this was not as obvious when taken out of the container, in small quantities.


On the first day I tried out the Frisky Feline, however, I must fess up to say that even at a quarter of the recommended dosage, my cats completely ignored their meal. No amount of coaxing could get them to eat anything. Even Dexter, who would usually humour me. In the past if I tried to feed him by hand, we could possibly work our way through at least half a plate of food. No such luck this time. I couldn’t even get into Dexter’s good books!

The next morning (the meows get Nutripe Fit in the evenings and some kibble overnight), I decided to reduce the (already reduced) dosage of Frisky Feline. At best, this was about one-sixth of the teaspoon. I still did not have any real luck, though this time Dexter was game enough to eat a few mouthfuls. We regretfully wasted everything else.

At some point, during that first week on Frisky Feline, I checked out their main site for more details and noticed that they wrote: “Our formula is blended so the most finiky cat will like it and requires no refrigeration.”

Something must be weird about my meows then, so I thought. I kept trying over the next few days, and got pretty much nowhere. Our regular feedings of Prowl (and tuna toppings) in the mornings and Nutripe Fit in the evenings, got completely ignored.

Fast forward a few days, I texted Debrah from and told her I was getting nowhere with this review because my meows wouldn’t cooperate. Thankfully she was very understanding, being a cat slave owner herself. With her encouragement, I decided to pause the additions of all supplements for a few days – and let them have their usual foods.

Unfortunately for me, they still refused to eat. I became quite jaded too – I mean, it was hard work establishing a workable diet and I was kinda worried that the raw-dehy was being rejected alongside everything else, in favour of kibble. Thankfully Debrah had earlier recommended the Schesir range of cat food and we had ordered some to try it on the meows, which arrived in the nick of time. It literally saved the meows as they had rejected ALL their usual wet food! By all, I mean every wet meal excluding their kibble.

Slowly I had to turn their diet around once again, because I really do not want them weaned off the raw-dehy, for longterm health reasons. The Schesir helped us out quite a bit in this transitionary period. Some days were particularly difficult, and it seemed that all Dyllis would eat was tuna and kibble, but I was unrelenting. It did take a fairly long time, considering that  it is already end- January, to get both meows back on a proper diet.

Today, we are nowhere back to the same amount of raw-dehy they were once happy to eat, but gradually, I am putting more of it back into their meals. I can see a little ray of hope now. They are eating both supplements, the Honest Kitchen’s Invigor and Vibrant Pet’s Frisky Feline, daily, with Prowl and Schesir Tuna and Salmon in the mornings and a rotation of Nutripe Fit Venison and Lamb, and Schesir Tuna and Seabream or Schesir Chicken and Ham. [In related news.. Nekojam is now having a Buy 6 get 1 free Schesir promo, so you might want to order up some for your meows ^^] In spite of such a stressful, lengthy transition, my heart rests a little better to know that they have access to a good range of necessary vitamins and nutrients, required to grow strong and healthy.

To conclude, the kitty verdict seems to unanimously favour Invigor, though with lots of patience and a longer transition period, the Frisky Feline was eventually accepted too.

Since I’ve been at least partially swayed by the kitty vote, I would also recommend the Honest Kitchen’s Invigor, if there has to be a toss-up. However, if your cat is not fussy at all, or if you would prefer a supplement with yeast and a wider range of nutrients, you might want to try out the Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline. Though, it might be helpful to know that our experience was that the Frisky Feline is best fed with tuna or strong(er) smelling foods.


The Honest Kitchen – Invigor retails at SGD36.00 for 156grams

Vibrant Pets  – Frisky Feline retails at SGD68.90 for 204grams

Cat Idea

Last December, had a 15% discount for the Cat Idea range of products in their shop. The timing was good as I managed to snag some Christmas gifts for my meows 🙂 I ordered them a Cat Idea bed, a grooming spray and two brushes, a slicker brush and a steel pin brush.

What really stood out from this order is the slicker brush. It is by far the best item I bought from Cat Idea so far, even though I later found the cat bed (see below) was actually pretty well made too. Each Cat Idea brush comes in an array of 4 yummy colours and we chose them in the favourite colours for each meow 😛 Yellow for Dyllis and teal blue-green for Dexter.


The slicker brush comes with a built-in metal rake that really comes in handy when I brush Dexter. Being a very poufy boy, Dexter requires twice a day brushing. Let’s just say that our two existing slicker brushes needed some backup 😛 One of these is a Ferplast slicker that sees Dexter running over excitedly whenever someone picks it up. He absolutely loves this old brush and I’d put up a picture of it here if it weren’t already so tatty looking. The metal wires on this brush pick up his loose fur very well, but over time, they have bent over in all directions. I had bought quite a number of brushes but none of them could win him over 😛

That has changed! Once this new slicker arrived, Dexter switched favourites pretty quickly. Even Dyllis’ new steel pin brush does not tempt him the least bit at all, when both brushes are offered! In case anyone is wondering, Dyllis however, still has not warmed up to any brush in particular. This is typical of her – she usually hates being brushed 😛

Here’s a close-up of the heads of both brushes..


Cat Idea – Steel pin-head brush in Yellow

Cat Idea – Slicker brush with in built rake in teal / Tiffany blue

The Cat Idea Americano Cat Pod, is truly a dream – it comes in a dust bag and the middle cushion is removable, with a washable cover. It is evenly and generously padded on all sides, unlike some other cat beds we’ve seen. Both sides of the middle cushion is printed on, too. What I like especially is that the entire bed is clad in material that is thick and the stitches are neat and sturdy.

Here are some photos, with the bed placed on our home-made cat tree, which is a actually just a humble Ikea-hack 🙂

20141226_124426  20141226_125837  20141226_125856 20141226_130104  20141226_130114  20141226_130131

To conclude my thoughts on Cat Idea, if you had to get only one item from the entire Cat Idea range, I strongly recommend the brushes. In particular, the slicker, of course! It is an absolute must-have if your furkid has medium to long fur.

As for the kitty verdict, Dexter helps deliver his verdict on the brush 😛 This is him, waiting to claim his brushing session because he saw me pick up his new slicker brush ^^


Dexter: I see you have my brush… I’m here!!

Dexter: Ready and waiting….

Anyway, before I close this awfully lengthy review…… you probably need not stick to just getting one itemfrom Cat Idea after all!! is currently running a Cat Idea promo from now until 19 February 2015 which allows you to put together a hamper of goodies from Cat Idea at $30 off the usual price 🙂 Wheee ^^

Click the image below to obtain the discount code from 🙂

Cat Idea Promotion on


Pricelist: _

[Images that do not belong to hesedetang * have been used with permission from]

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