Zentangles – 101 Class & Diva Challenge Wk 223

Package to Romania

Sending over some <3

This little stash of paper goodies is going to a wonderful tangler friend in Romania that I have met over Swapbot 🙂

I am constantly impressed at how Zentangle has become such a large part of my life, in such a short time.. and how it has allowed me to make firm friends with so many people that I’d never otherwise get to connect with!

June Zentangle 101 Class in Singapore

I had the privilege of teaching my very first Zentangle 101 class last Saturday.  I had spent many weeks preparing for it, and wow, it was an amazing experience in itself 🙂

The class went so well, I was SO pleased! So proud of what we accomplished in just an afternoon! I basically learnt a lot about myself as a CZT as well.

Here are some photos from the class… (as always, clicking on the images below will take you to Flickr)

Tile One..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Two..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Three..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Four.. our grand finale ^^ This became everyone’s favourite tile in the end 🙂

June Zentangle 101 Class

Diva Challenge 223 – Umble

This week the challenge is to play with Umble, an official tangle.

I was quite ambitious with my first attempt and made so many mistakes that I decided to colour all my strokes in with a Graphic 1 pen to create a thick border 😛 It hid everything, nicely, and I then used a white Sakura Gelly Roll to tangle Tidings over it. For my Umble I then used a combination of Black (01), Purple, Pink, Orange and Yellow 05 Microns.. Then out came the Sakura Gelly Roll again, to add Keeko and Shattuck on top of the Umble strands..

For my second attempt, which was tangled on a Bijou tile, I wanted to try tangling Umble (Umbling?) within a teardrop shape to see how it looks.. I think I definitely need more practice 😛 (……………. and I also forgot to shade :P)

Diva Challenge Wk 223 - Umble

I sign off now to visit all the other Diva Challenge entries 🙂

P.S. Thanks for all the visits and comments. They are always much appreciated ❤

P.P.S If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com 🙂 Have a great week!


  1. I was looking at that first tile and wondering how you got the black border. Good recovery, and way to not throw away your art! It ended up looking so good. I like how the border enhances the layering that umble innately has in it. The colors are bright and pretty, too. Good work!

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  2. As I have mentioned you before, I love the tiles that your students made. They are incredible talented and you seem like a very good teacher 😉 And thank you. More than for the beautiful gift you sent me to Romania, I want to thank you for your friendship. And for our little chats that brighten my day! Thank you!

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  3. Debbie—Great save! Thanks for explaining your technique. I’m meeting with a few friends to give them a basic Zentangle lesson. One of them is an artist already. What did you use to demonstrate in your class? Did you have an easel or some type of projection. On September 21st, I’m volunteering to do a class at a library for up to 12 people. I’m very anxious about that one.

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    • Hey Suzanne – thanks for popping in. We have a thread going about my 101 class in our CZT18 FB group. I will tag you in for easy reading, since I’d gone into great detail there. All the best for your classes, sounds like a lot of fun! ❤


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