Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 224

Tangles, Tints and Tiles 

I am currently working on lesson plans for more classes and really enjoying myself at that. I never knew planning for any class could be so fun and rewarding. This past week I played a lot with colour. I have never been big on colour, but I have had a great experience, experimenting with colours and different pens for these pieces… (Clicking on the images below will lead you to Flickr…)

My first coloured Zendala…

Pre-strung goodness… before and after 🙂

I used a combination of 05 coloured Sakura microns [ green, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and brown] and Pilot G-tech 0.5mm and 0.25mm [ in teal, blue, pink and red hues ] to achieve this. The 0.25mm being the most tricky to use 😛

First coloured Zendala First coloured Zendala The Flux Capacitor

The Flux Capacitor

A peek into my journal…

A certain page from my journal badly needed a wash of black to cover some parts I was displeased with. I had looked and re-looked at it many times, but I just could not reconcile any of it, no matter how I looked at it.

Finally, when I had a bit of free time, I went over the offending bits with a Sakura Graphic 1 micron. This seems to be my go-to method to recover my pieces now, not that I mind! 😛

I was reluctant to go completely black, so I’d left half unwashed. Then, whilst waiting for it to dry, I had an epiphany – I used water soluble colour pencils and a wet wipe [sans alcohol] and tinted the rest of the page 🙂

It was really quick to tint – took me less than 5 minutes in all.. and I am so pleased with the effect 🙂

A glimpse into my journal..

Because that the journal page so successful, I then decided to apply the same method on a few of my tiles, before adding tangles 😛 Here are both my attempts 🙂

Tinted tiles :)
Tinted tiles :)

Diva Challenge Wk 224 – Tipple Monotangle

I love using Tipple. This is probably an understatement.

Friends who are familiar with my tangles, know that I love using Tipple to emphasise negative space. I use tipple to create negative space hearts a LOT, and have even taught this in class – they loved it 🙂 The end result always looks so layered, lacy, complicated, intricate and complex, but it is SO easy and fun to do. Not to mention, addictive 😛

Since it is really hot and sunny, I picked one of the tiles I’d tinted with yellow, orange and blues – Summery hues… and here we go……

Diva Challenge Wk 224 - Tipple Monotangle

Diva Challenge Wk 224 - Tipple Monotangle

I sign off now to visit all the other Diva Challenge entries 🙂

P.S. Thanks for all the visits and comments. They are always much appreciated ❤

P.P.S If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com 🙂 Have a great week!


  1. I love your tiles! ❤ I think you did a great job with the rainbow colors and the zendala looks so….full of life. And I also like the tile you came up with for this week Diva Challenge. I ❤ stars because I really belive that we are all made from star dust 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie—Tipple is also one of my “go to” tangles. You’re right, your response to the Tipple challenge looks like lace. What do you do you do/use to tint your tiles? I’m starting to use colored backgrounds for a collage project I’ve assigned to myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very cool method of getting some subtle color on your paper and your white tipples on that tipple piece, here and there around the star…lovely! they are all pretty. I’ll be looking into that technique to add color to my papers.

    Liked by 1 person

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