Zentangles – Art for Hayden + Diva Challenge Wk 228

Art for Hayden

Ever since my life took an unexpected turn two years ago, I have developed a lot of empathy for people battling long term illness. Before that, I was always just sympathetic. I mean, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer a number of times now, beginning with my beloved grandma and then my mom when I was just 16 [ and then some, but this post is not about that ]. I know how hard some people fight to stay alive, but I never knew how hard the fight was to keep mobile and active till my own fiasco came along. Some days, I am still fighting.

But then, when cancer strikes a little three year old girl, how does one make sense of that? I basically have no words to apply to the situation.

My friend Cari, a classmate from CZT seminar, has put up a call to action for this little girl, Hayden Weiss. She has written up a lot about this on her blog, so I would love to invite you to join us in sending art and prayers if you have not already done so.

[ FB page : https://www.facebook.com/ZentangleforHayden ]

My own contribution is actually already two weeks late due to some much needed down time, myself. I will be sending this along with some other Z art when I can finish those off.  [ clicking on the images will always take you to Flickr ]

Diva Challenge Wk 228 + Art for Hayden

H is for Hayden

This tile was also intended to flow with the nature inspired theme for this week’s Diva Challenge, which was, incidentally, also brought to us by my friend Cari.

Diva Challenge Week 228 – Inspired by Nature

Because of the discomfort I have been in these past few weeks, I have merged some of the themes and purposes. Cheated, if you like.

This ATC is for one of the upcoming ZIA swaps that I regularly host on Swapbot [ Autumn Aura ATC ], and was also intended to be my second entry for the Diva Challenge.

Diva Challenge 228 + Autumn Aura ATC

Whilst I was at it, I also threw in some nature inspired tangles for this other ATC – also for another upcoming swap [ Cabbit ATC ] on Swapbot.

P.S. the step outs for Cabbit are here or here.

Cabbit ATC

As a last entry for this week’s challenge, I decided to include another page from my journal 🙂 This time, I was testing out a two-pencil string for my next String Theory class.. which I hope will happen soon!

Diva Challenge Wk 228

Diva Challenge Wk 228

As is probably evident, I do love these organic tangles, very  much 🙂 I use them SO often..

If you’d look closer, there is some white shading over the tangles in black ink – this was not intended.

I was trying out a new, fancy, eyeliner type glitter pen from ZIG which looks more like makeup than an actual art pen, but it is for all intents and purposes, an art pen!

The clear glitter dried really pretty and shiny.. The glitter particles being really delicate and I actually loved it…

Somewhere in this crazy heat and humidity, though, something must have happened chemically and the glitter disappeared, leaving me with this white shading, which is actually quite pretty.

Though of course, not as pretty as the glitter had been!

Diva Challenge Wk 228

Ta, for now.. ❤

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 225 & 226

Some ‘Test’ Tiles.. 

I have been still working on lesson plans and looking for a better venue to hold my Zentangle 102 String Theory class. It is starting to feel a little like I am taking forever 😛

Part of my preparation included these ‘test’ tiles…

The classic Z string… with a background wash of red, pink and purple ( if you missed my last post… I’d made up a batch of pre-washed tiles featuring various colour combinations )..

Classic Z string..

I used a pre-strung tile for this second piece.. and a tile with a pre-wash of very light pink and red..

Just to be a little bit adventurous, I even broke out my new Derwent Graphik Line Painters 0.5 in Jungle and Graphite and went over those with White gelly roll..

( These Line Painters were great – except you need to remember to wait for them to dry before going over them. )

Diva Challenge Wk 225 - Limits

Diva Challenge Wk 225 – Colour

I had this tile done on time, last week, but posting it up online was a different story. Life… happens, and there was just too much on my plate, as usual. This week looks a little better, so here are both challenges before life ‘happens’ again 😛

Since I was testing out Green, Orange and Brown Microns.. and similar tints on the background, this seemed like a very timely challenge.

Not my favourite tile, but something very different from my usual pieces.. I tend to stick to my black Micron a lot 😛

Green.. Brown & Orange

Diva Challenge Wk 226 – Simplicity

This week’s challenge strikes a chord in me – I adore simplicity.

As much as I do love simplicity, I tend to over-complicate things, even if I am aiming to keep things simple. It couldn’t be a more appropriate challenge 😉

My response to this one was very typical of me – I start out simply, but end up with complexity 😛 LOL.. Let’s see if you agree… here goes..

On my last remaining pre-washed tile, I started out with Flux and Tipple in a duotangle with a goal to keep it simple 😛 Although I do love the end results of this exercise, I must say it was definitely not what I envisioned ‘simplicity’ to be 😛

Diva Challenge Wk 226 - Simplicity

I sign off now to visit all the other Diva Challenge entries 🙂

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