Shop Update: Festive season pre-orders!


Kiara – a whimsical assymetrical piece

It seems like time really flies when one is busy and I feel like I am always behind! Each time I think I am able to get back to some kind of a regular routine, things happen that toss it all into the air again!

Some of our loyal customer-turned-friends have asked me what’s on offer in my shop this festive season and I feel so moved that my humble little label enjoys the love it does.

I have put together our first ever catalogue for pre-orders.

This is the link to our .pdf catalogue.

Our usual shop policies apply. If you are ordering several pieces please contact me so I may advise on availability, turnaround times as well as bulk discounts.

Please note that all Christmas orders close as follows:-

Singapore – 7 December 2018, to ship by 14 December 2018

International – 30 November 2018, to ship by 7 December 2018

Thank you!

July Discount & More!

Being a typical Singaporean, I do love a good discount 😉

Here in tropical Singapore we sometimes joke that we do not have any seasons like our counterparts in temperate climates, but we have ‘Sale’ seasons where great bargains may be found virtually everywhere.

Nothing can beat the satisfaction of snagging something at great value. Because I know that feeling – I enjoy shopping too – I like to keep my little shops buzzing with monthly discounts and other perks 😉

Here are two new discounts.. Enjoy!!

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