About the Hamstery


Having opened our doors to our very first hamster in 1995, we are a very tiny hamstery based in Singapore that believes strongly in good breeding ethics and constantly strives to produce good quality hamsters. We also believe in constant research and up-grading of our knowledge in hamster nutrition and sustainable diets.

Our experience with these delightful creatures includes years of keeping Syrian, Russian Winterwhite, Russian Campbell and Roborovski hamsters. However, we currently specialise in Russian Winterwhite and Roborovski hamsters only, for the time-being.

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the Hamstery on Facebook

the Hamstery on Facebook

We regret that due to unforseen circumstances, our boarding services are currently restricted to the hamsters of returning customers only, with immediate effect. Thank you for your kind understanding.

We regret that our hamsters are not for adoption or sale overseas, and our boarding services are only applicable locally.

The Hamstery’s contact email is: hesedetanghamstery@gmail.com

If you feel that your hamster is seriously ill or showing abnormal symptoms, please take it to the vet instead of sending us emails. There is very little we can do to help in an emergency as we may not even have computer or internet access. Despite our lengthy experience in caring for hamsters, we are NOT certified veterinarians, neither are we running an information counter.