Breeding Lines

As a rule, we do not breed our hamsters on demand. We invite reservations, though there are no guarantees we will fulfill these under any time considerations.

We are strict to prevent in-breeding and also do not practice line-breeding even though many other breeders believe that this is a fairly safe practice. Each of our breeding lines is painstakingly out-crossed at every generation even though it takes a longer time to achieve our objectives and requires more planning.

We are also strict to prevent the breeding of weak, sickly, mal-nourished or aggressive hamsters as these will certainly have an irreversible, negative impact on the offspring.

For non-commercial, solely personal reasons, we breed for optimum health, good size and pleasant temperament.

the Hamstery Hamily Tree on Prezi


Hamstery Policies



Please be informed that from beginning April 2009, all our breeding lines have been suspended and our breeding pairs retired. No further litters are expected until further notice.

We have kept our price list for easy reference, however there will be no further sales until our breeding lines resume.

Breeding has resumed as of October 2014. We are currently working with ONE Roborovski line, only.

To place a reservation, please email us at and we will respond shortly.

Our hamstery database is happily powered by Tenset’s Pedigree Software – Breeder’s Assistant.

If you feel that your hamster is seriously ill or showing abnormal symptoms, please take it to the vet instead of sending us emails. There is very little we can do to help in an emergency as we may not even have computer or internet access. Despite our lengthy experience in caring for hamsters, we are NOT certified veterinarians, neither are we running an information counter.

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