Please read our information pages concerning our breeding lines and hamstery policy if you are buying from us for the first time, to avoid any potential misunderstanding.

Reservations may be placed via email to:

Russian Winterwhite Hamsters and Hybrids (unavailable currently, pricelist is for reference only)

  • Agouti – SGD 12.00/hamster
  • Pearl – SGD 14.00/hamster
  • Sapphire – SGD 16.00/hamster
  • Pudding – SGD 18.00/hamster
  • Pearl Pudding – SGD 20.00/hamster

Roborovski [ updated as at October 2015 ]

  • Agouti – SGD 30.00/hamster
  • White-faced – SGD 32.00/hamster
  • Pied/Mottled – SGD 40.00/hamster
  • Platinum – SGD 50.00/hamster


  • Electronic transfer of cash through automated teller machines (ATMs), OR
  • Electronic transfer of cash through internet banking, OR
  • Paypal, OR
  • Cash on collection.

Policy: (last updated on 1 November 2014)

  • We do not breed our hamsters on demand. Please be prepared to wait as long as 3 months after you indicate your interest. If you are unable to wait, we suggest you visit local forums or the SPCA to adopt a hamster instead.
  • We will readily reject selling to any potential buyer if we feel that it is best for the hamster(s). Undoubtedly, the well-being of our hamsters is a higher priority to us than keeping any of our customers.
  • We do not believe in making profits off our hamsters.
  • As we are not commercially driven, any proceeds from the sale of our hamsters and organic hamster food will go towards the upkeep of the hamstery.
  • We notify prospective buyers regarding payment when there is a new litter, and collection will be arranged when the litter is about to be weaned.
  • We do not allow animals that have not been completely weaned to be collected, even if they have already been paid for.
  • We will happily board your hamster(s) until you are ready to make the collection.
  • We do not sell sick or aggressive hamsters or hamsters that have passed the age of two months.
  • We believe in maintaining contact with our buyers and warmly welcome updates and feedback.
  • We once again regret that our hamsters are not for sale overseas.

If you feel that your hamster is seriously ill or showing abnormal symptoms, please take it to the vet instead of sending us emails. There is very little we can do to help in an emergency as we may not even have computer or internet access. Despite our lengthy experience in caring for hamsters, we are NOT certified veterinarians, neither are we running an information counter.