Zentangles – New tangle Cabbit and Diva Challenge Wk 222

It has been a busy week, and a very warm one here. I spend the days working on class materials and trying to stay as cool as possible (but failing!). So much to do, yet I have successfully squeezed in a fair amount of tangling.

Here we go… (as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr)

Tiles for Kelly

Tiles for Kelly

This little package is enroute to Kelly Barone, CZT. She has recently opened a new studio and has invited CZTs from around the world to send her tiles with a Z-string.

She has a wall in her studio which she intends to cover with all our tiles 🙂 What a great idea! I think that could easily become the feature wall in her studio 🙂

I went a bit overboard (too many different tangles!!) with my first tile, pictured here with a simple card I made, and I ended up sending her two tiles instead so she could decide on which would be more appropriate for her use.


I do really like how this tile turned out though..  Perhaps I should re-explore the use of Z-strings! 🙂 Here is a closer look.. Amongst other tangles, I used Ipso by fellow CZT 18, Jennifer Hohensteiner, for my border.

Tiles for Kelly

I’d met Jennifer through Flickr and had absolutely no idea we were attending the same seminar, till after! We connected ‘properly’ finally over Facebook.

Ipso was one of the very first tangles I’d learnt when tangling. It is so great to know the person who came up with it 🙂 It adds meaning to my drawing experience.

Ipso is a very fun tangle, and I always add ‘eyes’ to it. I think it makes it look cute, friendly and cheerful.

So – Kelly actually asked for a simple tile with just a couple of tangles on a Z-string. My first tile was so complex, I felt it might not fit her concept.

I then made up a second tile, using just the Z-string with LOTs of light and space (as can be seen, lol!), only tangling up the Z.

Tiles for Kelly


As it turned out, this tile too, looked really pretty!

I might have to duplicate it for my own collection sometime.

I am now putting together more ZIA and Zentangle tiles so that I can feature these at classes or at my MAAD booths. I had previously been giving tiles and ZIAs away as mementoes and swaps. Snapshots were all I’d kept, on Pinterest and Flickr.

I also figured that in our high humidity, our paper items don’t store very well. I am now trying to find ways to preserve them all that won’t break the bank 😛


Other recent pieces

Meanwhile… here are some of my recent pieces…

For the Old into New ATC Swap


My first Zendala since coming home from seminar… This is going into my collection 🙂

Completed Pre-strung Zendala

A tile with a coiled string, drawn for me by the husband. He’s quickly becoming my string consultant, though he has no interest whatsoever in Zentangles 😛

A Coiled String

Cabbit – a new tangle

Last week, I finally put up the step outs to my tangle Cabbit on the Tangled Pursuits site and FB page.

I have been drawing Cabbit since July 2014, but I always had doubts about it being a true tangle so I never dared to publish it until recently. In its basic form, Cabbit uses repetitive, slightly rounded ‘M’ shapes.

[ Please feel free to use the step outs to recreate Cabbit in your tangles. However I reserve my rights to these images and they should not be copied or reproduced. Thank you! ]


Tangleated, one may choose to swap out the Ms for any base shape to create different ‘animals’ such as cats, bears, hamsters or aliens 😛

Here is a real life Cabbit example 😉 featuring our own hamster pups and here’s a complete Cabbit infestation…


Diva Challenge 222 – Colours of the Rainbow

This week the challenge is to incorporate colours into our tiles.

Because I often tangle to counter pain or anxiety, I am often tangling on the bed, before bedtime. Hence, due to a limited amount of lap-space, I am not a big fan of using colour in my pieces.

However, I have been asked about holding kids’ Z classes recently, so I ran out to purchase a bucket of Faber Castell connector markers. I will be very likely using these pens for future classes, so I appreciated this opportunity to test them out! I’d also been recently given a packet of colourful copic (yum!) – but these ones are finer and I will be saving for myself.

I’ll admit it – I had fun with these. More than I thought I’d have 🙂

Diva Challenge Week 222 - Colours of the Rainbow

I stuck to my “go-to” tangles for this piece. Cabbit, Crescent Moon, Flux, Indyrella, Pokeroot, Printemps a little bit of Mooka and one of my feathery feathers.

I am so pleased that the glitter managed to show up on this photo! Yay!!

I sign off now to visit all the other Diva Challenge entries 🙂

P.S. Thanks for all the visits and comments. They are always much appreciated ❤

P.P.S If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com 🙂 Have a great week!