Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 233

Hello again, September…

On a very random note, I am SO glad that September is here. I must admit that I don’t function too well in the hottest months of the year, and I struggle daily, just to remain positive and calm! And of course, I tangle… Here are some snippets…

[As always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr]

Playing with watercolour..

Playing with watercolour pencils.. Orange and Purple..

Playing with watercolour..

Playing with watercolour pencils again – this time in honeyed hues… Methinks it needs more contrast..

Random tangles..

ATC in autumnal hues.. turned out unexpectedly well 🙂

Spoiler tiles ;)

Spoiler – these are for upcoming class! I always test my tiles to make sure I achieve the teaching points I set out to make 🙂

Work in Progress :)

A work in progress Celtic cross. This is my inaugural Opus tile…………… is taking me way longer to finish than I thought! I am using 01s and 005s for this piece, to make it even more intricate.

Diva Challenge Week 233 – Zenith

After giving myself a self-declared hiatus from the Diva’s guests’ challenges the last three weeks, I am pleased to see the return of the Diva herself. Zenith is a tangle fairly close to my heart. When I was in Rhode Island for CZT Seminar, earlier this Spring, Zenith [ though yet unnamed then ] was ‘discovered’ by Maria Thomas, Zentangle creator, on the morning of our second day. We even got to see and admire her original drawings on her morning newspaper. I was fortunate to take photos, which I have shared with my fellow CZTs but I will not publish here as I do not have permission [ it is, afterall, not my work! ] to do so.

I will share my own step outs instead. You can see the official step-outs for Zenith here, but the one below shows exactly how it was taught to us at CZT 18 🙂  I made it on my way home from my USA/Japan trip – by then it was my …nth flight via Delta that month and I needed to occupy myself any way I knew how. So I tangled, of course.

Diva Challenge Wk 233 Zenith

You might see the Zenith-inspired flowers and the cross if you look closer at my tiles 🙂

Zenith, is truly an ideal border tangle..

Diva Challenge Wk 233 Zenith

A page from my journal.. The Zenith border was tangled in at CZT seminar ^_^

And here is my entry for this week’s challenge. Again, I’ve been playing with colours and kept it simple this time 🙂

Diva Challenge Wk 233 Zenith

Photographed on top of my CZT journal 🙂 I am loving the white ink on colour ^_^

With that, I am off to visit everyone’s work 🙂 Seeya later~

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 229

Diva Challenge Week 229 – Negative Space Tipple Hearts

I enjoyed this challenge – I use negative space a lot in my tangles especially with my negative space Tipple hearts. I’m not feeling very chatty today so I shall leave you to enjoy the visuals. [ as always, clicking on the images below will take you to Flickr ]

Diva Challenge 229

Diva Challenge 229

And here is more #artforhayden …

More #artforhayden

And lastly, a sneak peek..

I have been putting together some of my pieces into albums for ease of display at class. This is one of the pages, just for fun 😉


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Zentangles – Art for Hayden + Diva Challenge Wk 228

Art for Hayden

Ever since my life took an unexpected turn two years ago, I have developed a lot of empathy for people battling long term illness. Before that, I was always just sympathetic. I mean, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer a number of times now, beginning with my beloved grandma and then my mom when I was just 16 [ and then some, but this post is not about that ]. I know how hard some people fight to stay alive, but I never knew how hard the fight was to keep mobile and active till my own fiasco came along. Some days, I am still fighting.

But then, when cancer strikes a little three year old girl, how does one make sense of that? I basically have no words to apply to the situation.

My friend Cari, a classmate from CZT seminar, has put up a call to action for this little girl, Hayden Weiss. She has written up a lot about this on her blog, so I would love to invite you to join us in sending art and prayers if you have not already done so.

[ FB page : https://www.facebook.com/ZentangleforHayden ]

My own contribution is actually already two weeks late due to some much needed down time, myself. I will be sending this along with some other Z art when I can finish those off.  [ clicking on the images will always take you to Flickr ]

Diva Challenge Wk 228 + Art for Hayden

H is for Hayden

This tile was also intended to flow with the nature inspired theme for this week’s Diva Challenge, which was, incidentally, also brought to us by my friend Cari.

Diva Challenge Week 228 – Inspired by Nature

Because of the discomfort I have been in these past few weeks, I have merged some of the themes and purposes. Cheated, if you like.

This ATC is for one of the upcoming ZIA swaps that I regularly host on Swapbot [ Autumn Aura ATC ], and was also intended to be my second entry for the Diva Challenge.

Diva Challenge 228 + Autumn Aura ATC

Whilst I was at it, I also threw in some nature inspired tangles for this other ATC – also for another upcoming swap [ Cabbit ATC ] on Swapbot.

P.S. the step outs for Cabbit are here or here.

Cabbit ATC

As a last entry for this week’s challenge, I decided to include another page from my journal 🙂 This time, I was testing out a two-pencil string for my next String Theory class.. which I hope will happen soon!

Diva Challenge Wk 228

Diva Challenge Wk 228

As is probably evident, I do love these organic tangles, very  much 🙂 I use them SO often..

If you’d look closer, there is some white shading over the tangles in black ink – this was not intended.

I was trying out a new, fancy, eyeliner type glitter pen from ZIG which looks more like makeup than an actual art pen, but it is for all intents and purposes, an art pen!

The clear glitter dried really pretty and shiny.. The glitter particles being really delicate and I actually loved it…

Somewhere in this crazy heat and humidity, though, something must have happened chemically and the glitter disappeared, leaving me with this white shading, which is actually quite pretty.

Though of course, not as pretty as the glitter had been!

Diva Challenge Wk 228

Ta, for now.. ❤

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 225 & 226

Some ‘Test’ Tiles.. 

I have been still working on lesson plans and looking for a better venue to hold my Zentangle 102 String Theory class. It is starting to feel a little like I am taking forever 😛

Part of my preparation included these ‘test’ tiles…

The classic Z string… with a background wash of red, pink and purple ( if you missed my last post… I’d made up a batch of pre-washed tiles featuring various colour combinations )..

Classic Z string..

I used a pre-strung tile for this second piece.. and a tile with a pre-wash of very light pink and red..

Just to be a little bit adventurous, I even broke out my new Derwent Graphik Line Painters 0.5 in Jungle and Graphite and went over those with White gelly roll..

( These Line Painters were great – except you need to remember to wait for them to dry before going over them. )

Diva Challenge Wk 225 - Limits

Diva Challenge Wk 225 – Colour

I had this tile done on time, last week, but posting it up online was a different story. Life… happens, and there was just too much on my plate, as usual. This week looks a little better, so here are both challenges before life ‘happens’ again 😛

Since I was testing out Green, Orange and Brown Microns.. and similar tints on the background, this seemed like a very timely challenge.

Not my favourite tile, but something very different from my usual pieces.. I tend to stick to my black Micron a lot 😛

Green.. Brown & Orange

Diva Challenge Wk 226 – Simplicity

This week’s challenge strikes a chord in me – I adore simplicity.

As much as I do love simplicity, I tend to over-complicate things, even if I am aiming to keep things simple. It couldn’t be a more appropriate challenge 😉

My response to this one was very typical of me – I start out simply, but end up with complexity 😛 LOL.. Let’s see if you agree… here goes..

On my last remaining pre-washed tile, I started out with Flux and Tipple in a duotangle with a goal to keep it simple 😛 Although I do love the end results of this exercise, I must say it was definitely not what I envisioned ‘simplicity’ to be 😛

Diva Challenge Wk 226 - Simplicity

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 224

Tangles, Tints and Tiles 

I am currently working on lesson plans for more classes and really enjoying myself at that. I never knew planning for any class could be so fun and rewarding. This past week I played a lot with colour. I have never been big on colour, but I have had a great experience, experimenting with colours and different pens for these pieces… (Clicking on the images below will lead you to Flickr…)

My first coloured Zendala…

Pre-strung goodness… before and after 🙂

I used a combination of 05 coloured Sakura microns [ green, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and brown] and Pilot G-tech 0.5mm and 0.25mm [ in teal, blue, pink and red hues ] to achieve this. The 0.25mm being the most tricky to use 😛

First coloured Zendala First coloured Zendala The Flux Capacitor

The Flux Capacitor

A peek into my journal…

A certain page from my journal badly needed a wash of black to cover some parts I was displeased with. I had looked and re-looked at it many times, but I just could not reconcile any of it, no matter how I looked at it.

Finally, when I had a bit of free time, I went over the offending bits with a Sakura Graphic 1 micron. This seems to be my go-to method to recover my pieces now, not that I mind! 😛

I was reluctant to go completely black, so I’d left half unwashed. Then, whilst waiting for it to dry, I had an epiphany – I used water soluble colour pencils and a wet wipe [sans alcohol] and tinted the rest of the page 🙂

It was really quick to tint – took me less than 5 minutes in all.. and I am so pleased with the effect 🙂

A glimpse into my journal..

Because that the journal page so successful, I then decided to apply the same method on a few of my tiles, before adding tangles 😛 Here are both my attempts 🙂

Tinted tiles :)
Tinted tiles :)

Diva Challenge Wk 224 – Tipple Monotangle

I love using Tipple. This is probably an understatement.

Friends who are familiar with my tangles, know that I love using Tipple to emphasise negative space. I use tipple to create negative space hearts a LOT, and have even taught this in class – they loved it 🙂 The end result always looks so layered, lacy, complicated, intricate and complex, but it is SO easy and fun to do. Not to mention, addictive 😛

Since it is really hot and sunny, I picked one of the tiles I’d tinted with yellow, orange and blues – Summery hues… and here we go……

Diva Challenge Wk 224 - Tipple Monotangle

Diva Challenge Wk 224 - Tipple Monotangle

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Zentangles – 101 Class & Diva Challenge Wk 223

Package to Romania

Sending over some <3

This little stash of paper goodies is going to a wonderful tangler friend in Romania that I have met over Swapbot 🙂

I am constantly impressed at how Zentangle has become such a large part of my life, in such a short time.. and how it has allowed me to make firm friends with so many people that I’d never otherwise get to connect with!

June Zentangle 101 Class in Singapore

I had the privilege of teaching my very first Zentangle 101 class last Saturday.  I had spent many weeks preparing for it, and wow, it was an amazing experience in itself 🙂

The class went so well, I was SO pleased! So proud of what we accomplished in just an afternoon! I basically learnt a lot about myself as a CZT as well.

Here are some photos from the class… (as always, clicking on the images below will take you to Flickr)

Tile One..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Two..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Three..

June Zentangle 101 Class

Tile Four.. our grand finale ^^ This became everyone’s favourite tile in the end 🙂

June Zentangle 101 Class

Diva Challenge 223 – Umble

This week the challenge is to play with Umble, an official tangle.

I was quite ambitious with my first attempt and made so many mistakes that I decided to colour all my strokes in with a Graphic 1 pen to create a thick border 😛 It hid everything, nicely, and I then used a white Sakura Gelly Roll to tangle Tidings over it. For my Umble I then used a combination of Black (01), Purple, Pink, Orange and Yellow 05 Microns.. Then out came the Sakura Gelly Roll again, to add Keeko and Shattuck on top of the Umble strands..

For my second attempt, which was tangled on a Bijou tile, I wanted to try tangling Umble (Umbling?) within a teardrop shape to see how it looks.. I think I definitely need more practice 😛 (……………. and I also forgot to shade :P)

Diva Challenge Wk 223 - Umble

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Zentangles – New tangle Cabbit and Diva Challenge Wk 222

It has been a busy week, and a very warm one here. I spend the days working on class materials and trying to stay as cool as possible (but failing!). So much to do, yet I have successfully squeezed in a fair amount of tangling.

Here we go… (as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr)

Tiles for Kelly

Tiles for Kelly

This little package is enroute to Kelly Barone, CZT. She has recently opened a new studio and has invited CZTs from around the world to send her tiles with a Z-string.

She has a wall in her studio which she intends to cover with all our tiles 🙂 What a great idea! I think that could easily become the feature wall in her studio 🙂

I went a bit overboard (too many different tangles!!) with my first tile, pictured here with a simple card I made, and I ended up sending her two tiles instead so she could decide on which would be more appropriate for her use.


I do really like how this tile turned out though..  Perhaps I should re-explore the use of Z-strings! 🙂 Here is a closer look.. Amongst other tangles, I used Ipso by fellow CZT 18, Jennifer Hohensteiner, for my border.

Tiles for Kelly

I’d met Jennifer through Flickr and had absolutely no idea we were attending the same seminar, till after! We connected ‘properly’ finally over Facebook.

Ipso was one of the very first tangles I’d learnt when tangling. It is so great to know the person who came up with it 🙂 It adds meaning to my drawing experience.

Ipso is a very fun tangle, and I always add ‘eyes’ to it. I think it makes it look cute, friendly and cheerful.

So – Kelly actually asked for a simple tile with just a couple of tangles on a Z-string. My first tile was so complex, I felt it might not fit her concept.

I then made up a second tile, using just the Z-string with LOTs of light and space (as can be seen, lol!), only tangling up the Z.

Tiles for Kelly


As it turned out, this tile too, looked really pretty!

I might have to duplicate it for my own collection sometime.

I am now putting together more ZIA and Zentangle tiles so that I can feature these at classes or at my MAAD booths. I had previously been giving tiles and ZIAs away as mementoes and swaps. Snapshots were all I’d kept, on Pinterest and Flickr.

I also figured that in our high humidity, our paper items don’t store very well. I am now trying to find ways to preserve them all that won’t break the bank 😛


Other recent pieces

Meanwhile… here are some of my recent pieces…

For the Old into New ATC Swap


My first Zendala since coming home from seminar… This is going into my collection 🙂

Completed Pre-strung Zendala

A tile with a coiled string, drawn for me by the husband. He’s quickly becoming my string consultant, though he has no interest whatsoever in Zentangles 😛

A Coiled String

Cabbit – a new tangle

Last week, I finally put up the step outs to my tangle Cabbit on the Tangled Pursuits site and FB page.

I have been drawing Cabbit since July 2014, but I always had doubts about it being a true tangle so I never dared to publish it until recently. In its basic form, Cabbit uses repetitive, slightly rounded ‘M’ shapes.

[ Please feel free to use the step outs to recreate Cabbit in your tangles. However I reserve my rights to these images and they should not be copied or reproduced. Thank you! ]


Tangleated, one may choose to swap out the Ms for any base shape to create different ‘animals’ such as cats, bears, hamsters or aliens 😛

Here is a real life Cabbit example 😉 featuring our own hamster pups and here’s a complete Cabbit infestation…


Diva Challenge 222 – Colours of the Rainbow

This week the challenge is to incorporate colours into our tiles.

Because I often tangle to counter pain or anxiety, I am often tangling on the bed, before bedtime. Hence, due to a limited amount of lap-space, I am not a big fan of using colour in my pieces.

However, I have been asked about holding kids’ Z classes recently, so I ran out to purchase a bucket of Faber Castell connector markers. I will be very likely using these pens for future classes, so I appreciated this opportunity to test them out! I’d also been recently given a packet of colourful copic (yum!) – but these ones are finer and I will be saving for myself.

I’ll admit it – I had fun with these. More than I thought I’d have 🙂

Diva Challenge Week 222 - Colours of the Rainbow

I stuck to my “go-to” tangles for this piece. Cabbit, Crescent Moon, Flux, Indyrella, Pokeroot, Printemps a little bit of Mooka and one of my feathery feathers.

I am so pleased that the glitter managed to show up on this photo! Yay!!

I sign off now to visit all the other Diva Challenge entries 🙂

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Zentangles – Tangled Pursuits & Diva Challenge Wks 214 & 221

Tangled Pursuits

It has been a long time since my last post on this blog, and this is my first since becoming a CZT [ after completing Seminar 18 in April ]. After the seminar, I spent 3 weeks in Japan and finally got back home on 5 May. It often seemed like everything needed urgent attention and all at once. These past few weeks have simply flown by. One of the cats was also ill and I had also received a large handmade custom order. [ These pieces have since gone up on the FB album 🙂 ]

Sometime during the mess that was the month of May, I managed, not without multiple re-edits, to put up my CZT business website and FB page ^^

tangled pursuits

It took me a really long time to come up with a name before finally deciding upon ‘Tangled Pursuits’ because like much of everything I do these days, Zentangle is part of my development as an artisan and crafter. In a good way, I am finding myself tangled up in creating and crafting like never before. This entire creative experience is an on-going adventure for me, and I am relentlessly in pursuit of a better, more soul-satisfying and ‘mindful’ lifestyle.

Last Friday I also had a MAAD Pyjamas booth and used this opportunity to feature official Zentangle products. Most of the people attending had never heard of Zentangle, save for two ladies, and we chatted at length about the method.

11357184_818368551611771_4194261397357929933_o 11289368_818368574945102_4017778284464961250_o

Diva Challenge Week 221 

I hope to end my hiatus from the Diva Challenge with this week’s post 🙂

This week’s challenge is very inspirationally titled, “Beads of Courage“, after the Beads of Courage non-profit organisation in Canada. This cause was created “for children who are coping with serious illnesses by helping them to record, tell and own their stories of courage through beads”.

I am always grateful for having discovered the Diva Challenge, especially when I participate in challenges that encourage me to take time out from my day (week!) and spend time thinking about meaningful causes. Causes that I’d otherwise never even heard of. Beads (especially pretty and shiny glass ones!) are close to my heart – I am a crafter after all, and reading about this beautiful idea of a cause, really touched something within me more so than the usual challenges.

I incorporated ‘glass beads’ onto a heart which needs mending (early this morning, I had a panic attack and needed some mending, myself. Mending in the form of tea, honey and tangles!).. I did not stick to any particular string, just a shape in mind. I kept it simple with just a few tangles: Barney, Beadlines, Cadent (in silver), and lots of Tipple with hidden hearts in the negative space 🙂 And I finished it (for now!) off with a pop of shading and glitter 🙂

Here we go… (as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr)

Diva Challenge 221 - Beads of Courage

Another shot from an angle to (hopefully) show a bit more glitter ^^

Diva Challenge 221 - Beads of Courage

And.. last but not least.. I do realise I have a tile from the Earth Day Challenge Week 214 that I’ve not put up yet. Before it gets lost in the big, virtual mess otherwise known as my archives.. here it is 🙂

Diva Challenge Wk 214 - Earth Day

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 201 – 204 & Zenuari compilation

Sometime in the last weeks of January, I got really tied up with a bunch of new projects and some custom orders. I relish each of these milestones, and looking back at my crafting year always reminds me of how far I have come and fills me with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving. So despite these entries being late, I am glad to be back with them.

For example, I ended up getting so busy that I have still not completed the last 14 days of the Zenuari challenge. I am going to leave it as that and put up the ones which I have done, but I don’t think I will ever get a chance to go back to the missing entries and finish them off.

I might have felt a sense of distress at not having completed the entire month’s challenge, had I held on to my previous self. Alas, I have actively decided not to lose sleep over such things anymore.

I have come to the realization that one can only manage to do so much. It is better to accomplish what I can in my time, with my best effort, than try to accomplish everything and not succeed at anything, in the end.

Zenuari Challenge Compilation

Day 17 – Tangleations

Here’s Sanibelle in a linear and spherical form, paired with Tipple, Huggins and Flux. Also added a little bit of fun with hearts within the negative space 🙂 [as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr]

"... consider the wildflowers..." Luke 12:25-27 MSG   #ink #zentangle #zentangles #hesedetangdoodles #tangle #tangles Am really far behind with the #zenuari #challenge

Day 19 – Let someone else draw the string

The D.H. drew this string for me and I was quite stumped for a long time. I kept rotating the tile for a long time 😛 In the end Sanibelle (again!!!), Meringue and Hollibaugh flowed out of my pen 🙂 Flux, Knot Rickz, Auraleah, Crescent Moon leaves added a bit of variety to the tangled pile.

"Walk into the fields... " Luke 12:25-27 MSG   #ink #zentangle #zentangles #hesedetangdoodles #tangle #tangles Am really far behind with the #zenuari #challenge

Other remaining tiles from the Zenuari challenge…

Here’s Monotangle (day 18, top), Spirals (day 22, lower left) and Frame (day 20, lower right).


Diva Challenge Wk 201 – Moebius Day

At University in Australia, I once had a friend who suffered from the Moebius syndrome. Unfortunately, he did not like talking about his condition, and we all learnt not to ask questions, even the well-intended ones. Despite his physical appearances, I always thought him brilliant, and I always respected the boundaries he put up when he was with me. This was a decade ago, now, and drawing up this challenge did make me think of him and my other University friends, all of whom I have lost touch with, since returning to Singapore.

For the challenge I used a strip of kraft paper, silver gel pen and my Brown 05 Micron. It was my first time ever making a moebius strip!

Diva Challenge Wk 201 - Moebius Day

Diva Challenge Wk 201 - Moebius Day

If you spot some shiny glittery dots, these were added using lilac glitter nail polish ^^ [the Diva had suggested using purple ^^]

Diva Challenge Wk 201 - Moebius Day

Diva Challenge Wk 202 – Duotangle: Chebucto vs. Copada

For this challenge I feel the need to confess that I really hated my resulting tile 😛 I had never drawn Chebucto before this, and I had only played with Copada twice. I omitted the lines to make Copada less ‘linear’, and I tried it in a sphere as well, to give it a twist.

Oh well.. Here goes 😛

Diva Challenge Wk 202 - Duotangle Chebucto vs. Copada

Diva Challenge Wk 203 – UMT Athizi

I had a sudden thirst for colour one day and decided to lightly shade a tile with red, orange and yellow. I left it alone for a spell, not really knowing how to proceed next 😛 When Athizi by Seven, was issued as a challenge, I decided to use this shaded tile and make it as simple and uncomplicated as I could.

At the time, I was going through a few days of uncertainty and my brain was feeling very cluttered and I really only wanted to ‘switch off’. I didn’t want a string either, so I just decided to let Athizi flow on its own in a monotangle.

Diva Challenge Wk 203 UMT Athizi

I found that I really enjoyed Athizi, and I will probably use it again soon.

Diva Challenge Wk 204 – Valentangle

This week’s challenge is one that I have enjoyed, even though I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, myself. Here in Singapore (and probably elsewhere in the world), Valentine’s Day is entirely a commercial event. I applaud those who go to great lengths to shower their loved ones with proclamations of love and endearment, but I have actually had no interest in taking part in Valentine’s Day since I first started dating anybody 😛 Love however, ought to be celebrated daily. And it is with this mindset that I began on my tile.

I enjoy Hollibaugh and have used it often in my tangles, yet I had never tried it within an enclosed shape. In January, I learnt this at a class and I thought to give it a spin for my Valentangle.

Here is my tile from that class…

#heart with silver lining ^^ third and last tile at class ^^  #zentangle #zentangles #hesedetangdoodles #monotangle #ゼンタングル

And here is my entry for this week’s challenge 🙂 My theme was lace and flowers, pairing Beadlines and Hollibaugh for the lace and Trentwith roses, lightly shaded.

Diva Challenge 204 - Valentangle

And.. I am off 🙂

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Zentangles – Diva Challenge Wk 200 & Zenuari 2nd Week

How are we halfway into January 2015? Well I am still kinda in a post Christmas haze…! There’s much to do and tangle and I certainly hope I get out of my sloth mode really soon xD

Zenuari Challenge Week 2 Compilation

Do join us if a daily challenge is your thing. Here is the link to Anoeska’s Zenuari blog entry 🙂

Here is my compilation of my second week at Zenuari ^^ [clicking on the images will take you to Flickr]

Day 8 – Background Wash

I struggled with this one, for quite a long time. I don’t really paint anything except my own nails, so I did play with the idea of using nail polish for my background wash. I actually attempted to do so on a few tiles but I ruined them once my Microns hit the painted surface xD Eventually I used a colour pen, which was supposedly yellow 😛 It came out bright orange, oh well.

Anyway here it is.. I cheated – I tweaked it down a notch using my photo editor xD I tangled up Cockles & Mussels into my ING and embellished with Mooka & Kelp. Pretty ordinary, save for the garish hues.

Zenuari Challenge Day 8 - Background Wash  Zenuari Challenge Day 8 - Background Wash

Day 9 – Winter

The last time I’d experienced a proper Winter with ice and snow was in South Korea, in 2011. As much as I love Winter, the cold, and snowflakes, I live in the tropics and it was kinda difficult to think about Winter for this challenge because the days are bright and blustery here.

I ended up drawing a mini-dala using Fife as the beginning of my snowflake. This was probably not the best choice, because my snowflake looks too much like a flower xD

Zenuari Challenge Day 9 - Winter

Day 10 – Blind String

I love blind string challenges and this one was no exception ^^

Flux and Sand Swirl literally flowed out of my pen as I did this one. However, I spent a LONG time trying to think of how to fill up the oval space, and almost wanted to use Meringue to do so 😛 But I left it in the end because I thought it looked quite cute just like that, with the empty, airy, centre 🙂

Zenuari Challenge Day 10 - Bind String

Zenuari Challenge Day 10 - Bind String

Day 11 –  Zendala Sunday

Whilst catching up with my aunt and cousin sometime last week, we chanced upon a craft shop clearance corner. I found a few pieces of very pretty scrapbooking paper which I thought would make great tangle surfaces.

Although not as tempting as the Shikishi board I played with last week, this piece certainly had its own charm. I tangled a large ‘dala with a Cross in the centre, using a teal coloured pen.

The colours weren’t exactly what I had in my mind, so I again, tweaked the colours with editing software. And voila ^^ I am very pleased!

Zenuari Challenge Day 11 - Zendala Sunday

Zenuari Challenge Day 11 - Zendala Sunday

Day 12 – Biggify

Since I usually draw my Sand Swirls tiny, I picked this to use, large.

Zenuari Challenge Day 12 - Biggify

I should have used my Blind String tile from above for a better size comparison photo 😛 It would have been nice to see tiny and large Sand Swirls side by side 😛 Oh well. Zenuari Challenge Day 12 - Biggify

Day 13 – Use tangles that start with your initials

I picked Dust Bunnies & Lily Padz for this one – and my, they make a cute couple! Don’t they?

Zenuari Challenge Day 13 - Initialise

Tangled on old book paper, mounted on a postcard blank.

Zenuari Challenge Day 13 - Initialise

Day 14 – Circles

This is actually tomorrow’s challenge 😛 I figured I’d not be able to get to it in time anyway, so I decided to do the challenge and upload it together with this post ^^

What better than to marry Printemps and Cruffle? I couldn’t leave out Tipple, so I tangled some in as well ^^

Zenuari Challenge Day 14 - Circles

Diva Challenge Wk 200 – Bi-Zen-tennial Celebration

It’s the 200th challenge over at the Diva’s! Wow 🙂 I cannot help but feel a sense of awe at some tanglers who have completed ALL 200 challenges! It is quite an acheivement to celebrate, indeed!

For this challenge we were to pick our “mac-&cheese” tangle, in other words, our ‘go-to’ or most-often-used tangle, and feature it in a monotangle. Somewhere on the tile, the number 200 must be visible.

I picked Trentwith – it was a toss up between Trentwith, Mooka and Sanibelle 😛 I added a few spots of colour, just for fun.

Diva Challenge Wk 200 - Bi-zen-tennial

Diva Challenge Wk 200 - Bi-zen-tennial

And with this, I shall sign off to visit other entries ^^

Till next week!

P.S. Thanks for all the visits and comments. They are always much appreciated ❤

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