Mid-week Updates

It has been a very productive day here! I decided it was time to update as many of my sites as I could, including the shop ^^

New to the shop today…. (click the image to visit the shop’s inventory page)

Southern Seas by hesedetang * the Lorelei by hesedetang *

I have finally put up my tangles page as well as entries for the Diva Challenge, which has been helping to add some spice to my before-bedtime tangling routine. (Not that I was really running out of ideas yet :P) I have also created a new Flickr album to house my growing collection of tangles 😛

I am also preparing more variations of my lariat necklaces for the upcoming fleas – these did really well previously and it seems like they are really popular ^^

Lariat Necklace in Goldsand

Sneak previews of the Lariat necklaces.These are also known as “Y” necklaces in some circles.

These will not be listed on my virtual shops, but will be available at my booth or custom orders 🙂

Butterfly Lariat Necklace in Indigo by hesedetang * Butterfly Lariat Necklace in Indigo by hesedetang * Glass Lariat Necklace with rainbow faceted suncatcher by hesedetang *Glass Lariat Necklace with rainbow faceted suncatcher by hesedetang *

I am signing off now 🙂

Happy, excited and feeling ultra pleased!

Zentangles – Diva Challenge #4 + #180

Whoa.. I was adjusting something on my blog just before this post and somehow everything looks completely alien right now. Is it me or did the entire WordPress interface just change without warning?

Anyway, not that it really matters. I’ll just have to get used to where everything is (again).

Week 4 – “Starry Eyed Surprise” (Click to view on Flickr)

Diva Challenge Wk 4 - Starry Eyed Surprise Diva Challenge Wk 4 - Starry Eyed Surprise

Week 180 – “UMT MacDee”

Okay, just when I was beginning to feel like each attempted challenge brought out the best in my tangling, I ran smack into one that I didn’t like at all. It was such a pity – I was looking forward to this week’s challenge, it being the first one I’m doing “in real time”.


P.S. I just realised that I haven’t even bothered to watermark it though it still bears my hammy trademark. I am usually fastiduous to a fault about watermarking. Guess it only goes to show how much I dislike it xD

Diva Challenge Wk 180: UMT - MacDee

Temporary Maintenance on Galleries

Currently, some of our Flickr sets are under-going much needed re-organisation.

As the collection we have on Flickr is huge, we regret that we can only do this in batches at a time, so this whole process will us take some time.

Please bear with us as some of our galleries on this site will be unavailable for public viewing in the meantime.

We thank you for your patience 🙂