Zentangles – Diva Challenge 265 & Negative Space Tipple ‘Hearts’

Diva Challenge Week 265 – Stripes!

I am not sure where the time goes, but it seems like 7 weeks have just all but flown by since my last Diva Challenge attempt 😛 This year seems like it is going even faster than 2015, and I thought 2015 was record-breakingly, gone too soon.

This week’s prompt is one of my favourites at the Diva’s. Since I have a black tile class this Saturday, I thought I’d get in the mood by going white on black for this challenge 🙂

To start with, I placed 6 parallel, curved lines on a black tile and the rest, they say, is history…. [ as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr ]

Diva Challenge Wk 265 - Stripes

I like how it resembles a quarter of a circle… Like the rest of the bits of the puzzle are missing. I added Printemps, Zenith, Flux, Tidings and Msst and made up the rest as I went along 🙂

I used an array of white pigment and gel pens and shading with my white charcoal pencil made it complete.

Diva Challenge Wk 265 - Stripes


Negative Space Tipple Hearts – a Walkthrough

I’ve been tangling these little “hearts” for a long time now, and I teach this as part of  my regular Zentangle 101 Class so I never really thought about making stepouts. However, I’ve recently had several queries about them from separate sites.

The lovely Inge Frasch, CZT, suggested on FB that I put up some stepouts so here they are.

Before we begin, I thought to mention…

Tipple is a tangle pattern that was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas of Zentangle, USA. This walkthrough presented here is a variation, also known as a ‘tangleation’, of Tipple. 

Please feel free to refer to the step outs to recreate these “hearts” in your tangles. However I reserve my rights to these images and they should not be copied or reproduced. Thank you! – Debbie New CZT 18

Negative Space Tipple "hearts"

It is best to begin with a Micron 01 or 005, as you want to be able to achieve the most delicate and refined, almost-lacy effect.

This iteration of Tipple is especially pretty when added to flower and leaf inspired tangles such as Mooka or Flux.

[ If you click on the image, you can view it larger with Flickr’s zoom function ]

Negative Space Tipple "hearts"

When properly tangled, your ‘hearts’ should not have any unintended gaps to distract the viewer’s eyes. And you will find that they are capable of filling up nearly any amount of space 🙂

Here are more examples of my past pieces featuring these “hearts”…

Zentangle-inspired Tumbler

Bales, Flux & Opus fleurs, meet Tipple “hearts”


Travelling Tangles Project

In collaboration with Beverly Gotthardt from Texas, USA. Beverly’s site: http://www.gottheartart.com/


Travelling Tangles Project

Angeleafe, Mooka by Lisa Fedele CZT…


Diva Challenge Wk 224 - Tipple Monotangle

Tipple on Tipple 🙂


Travelling Tangles Project

Bales meets Tipple “hearts”


Zenith meets Tipple...

Zenith meets Tipple “hearts”

Have a great week…!

I don’t always check in. If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com or via the Tangled Pursuits page on Facebook 🙂

Debbie New, CZT 18

Blog: hesedetang.wordpress.com

CZT Website: tangledpursuits.com

Zentangles – Diva Challenge 258 & New Tangle ‘Dealys’


This is my fourth tangle, after AngeleafeCadenza and Cabbit.

Like ‘Angeleafe’ before this, I had been using Dealys long before I thought to publish it. It has shown up in my work from even six months ago. From its early days, it appeared very similar visually to Carla du Preez’s Auraleah, so I didn’t think much of it.

As it was already so much a part of my tangles, step-outs for Dealys only ‘resurfaced’ as a priority as I began working on black tile lesson plans. I’d wanted to use something that can be drawn in multiple ways, and I tweaked it so that the step-outs would be as distinctive from Auraleah as possible. As a result, Dealys may be tangled in several ways to achieve different looks.

Dealys is named because of the considerable ‘Delays’ in putting up the step-outs and also after one of my cats, Dyllis. [ Basically, one day, my stepmom happened to ask why I haven’t named any tangles after my cats……. I didn’t have any clue. So……. here we are. ]

Dealys is tangled in one continuous, curvy stroke, meeting at specific points. [ Clicking on the images will take you to Flickr. ]

Dealys - a new tangle

[  Please feel free to refer to the step outs to recreate Dealys in your tangles, or link back to this page. However I reserve my rights to these images and they should not be copied or reproduced. Thank you! – Debbie New CZT 18   ] 

And here is Dealys, all fanned out…

Dealys - a new tangle

And Dealys, in full bloom… shading makes it pop!

Dealys - a new tangle

Dealys elsewhere…

Dealys - a new tangle

Diva Challenge Week 258 – UMT Rautyflex

After missing out on ten challenges, I checked in to the diva’s blog today and discovered it was a UMT challenge, featuring Kathrin Bendel CZT’s Rautyflex.

This was definitely a challenge, indeed. I haven’t been this confused by a tangle in quite some time 😛

I am not sure I can draw this tangle again without looking at the step-outs at every few seconds. Anyway, this was really fun to do…

Diva Challenge 258 UMT Rautyflex

Rautyflex in white gel inks, on a black tile with shimmering gold acrylic tints.

I don’t always check in. If you should require a response from me, or have any questions, I may be contacted at hesedetang[at]gmail.com or via the Tangled Pursuits page on Facebook 🙂 Have a great week!

Zentangles – Diva Challenge 248 & The Sandwich Days of 2015

The Sandwich Days of 2015

Sandwiched between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day every year, are the five days where I can be found at my most deeply retrospective and reflective moods. I like to call them the ‘sandwich days’.

One of my earliest memories of these sandwich days happened when I was just a little girl, maybe about 3 years old. My concept of time; ie. how seconds become minutes.. minutes become hours.. hours become days.. days into weeks.. weeks into months.. months into years.. was only just beginning to take shape then.

It was strange to me, at the time, to find that my mother would encourage me to re-read, re-use or re-utilise toys, books, everyday items but never calendars. Those were thrown out every year and it puzzled me so. My two older cousins were staying over with us for the holidays, and they laughed at how dumb I was (kids can be really mean to each other! It didn’t help that I was the youngest and was always chubby).

It took my 3 year old self quite some time to understand that time does not return to us, that it cannot be ‘re-used’. After this ‘discovery’, I know I was never the same kid.

My sense of appreciation for time, and for the appreciation of all things developed quickly after this.

I never liked excess, and I always made sure I ate everything on my plate (this probably explains my weight!). I made sure I never left any of my belongings behind, anywhere. I was always mindful about using things responsibly and well. (And eventually, this ‘trait’ of mine would give me a desire to upcycle things into useables.)

As time went by, I’d lose some of my nearest and dearest family members to cancer, all at an early age. This made me grow to really cherish people, see people for who they really are, and really cherish the time we have with them.

I believe everyone is put in our lives for a season, to bless us. To love us. For us to love them, discover their inner beauty, learn from them and appreciate them.

This season, a close family member of ours, is losing her second battle to cancer. We are all saddened, still having to keep busy, yet determined to make lasting memories whilst we can. It is never easy to say goodbye.

As we turn the page on 2015, I recognise that I have been incredibly blessed. I have had the privilege to meet and, in some instances, collaborate with many amazing CZTs this year. I have been wantonly blessed with new friendships, new opportunities, and new adventures.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, even if you are only just reading this entry and we’d never met. Have an amazing 2016, our best year yet!

Click below for this blog’s year in review, powered by WordPress….. or scroll down for the Diva Challenge week 248 entry ^_^

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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Diva Challenge Week 248 – Give the Gift of Zentangle

I realise that I am really late, as this challenge was issued on December 14th – LOL!

I decided to post my entry anyway, since it is better late than never 😉

On 19 December 2015, I had an amazing opportunity to participate in the first ever Tangle with Heart event to raise funds for a Singaporean charity called The Red Pencil that is committed to helping individuals who require art therapy.

Many of their beneficiaries are children in trauma.

Together with the organisor, four of us Singaporean CZTs raised $10,000 towards this cause 🙂 A total of four sessions were taught to people who had their first encounter with Zentangle! What a gift, right?

Here’s a peek into the session I taught.. [ as always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr ]

Tangle with Heart//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Tangle with Heart

Here’s the class mosaic of our first tile 🙂

Tangle with Heart

Second tile ft. Hurry ..

Tangle with Heart

And, for our finale, my very own Cabbit on a Bijou ^_^

Tangle with Heart

This was almost everyone that came – we had some people who had to leave earlier..

Tangle with Heart

Here I am [in the back] with Shannen, the organisor [in red], CZT Wai Fong [in blue] and her friend, Season [behind Wai Fong].

Tangle with Heart

With this, I sign off to belatedly visit everyone’s posts 😛 Again, better late than never, I suppose lolol.. Happy 2016!!