hesedetang *

棕色的糖 (pronounced as “her ser der tar-ng”) or ‘brown sugar’.

debbie a.k.a hesedetang * is a certified Zentangle teacher based in Singapore. She is an ardent photographer, hamster-fancier and self-taught jewelry designer. 

hesedetang * has been making jewelry pieces as gifts for friends and family since 2006. In late 2013-early 2014, she began to sell her creations online.

A Criminologist by training, hesedetang * believes in supporting social and community causes and has recently taken her little shop on the road to various fund-raising events and craft markets. Where possible, she features up-cycled materials in her creations, to produce a completely unique and environmentally and socially-conscious range of handmade goods.

This is her creative space, a virtual collective featuring her various interests and projects. She may be contacted directly at hesedetang[at]gmail.com ♥

Snoozing Sashimi


Zentangles – Diva Challenge 258 & New Tangle ‘Dealys’

Dealys This is my fourth tangle, after Angeleafe, Cadenza and Cabbit. Like ‘Angeleafe’ before this, I had been using Dealys long before I thought to publish it. It has shown up in my work from even six months ago. From its early days, it appeared very similar visually to Carla du Preez’s Auraleah, so I didn’t think much … Continue reading

Zentangles – New Tangle ‘Angeleafe’

Somewhere in January this year, I am not really sure when [ ..chalk the bad memory up to age or this really bad flu I can’t seem to rid myself of! In fact, January has been one big haze, as I spent a lot of it in bed. ], I started drawing repetitive “S” strokes … Continue reading

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